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6 Bedroom Decorating Ideas That You Should Avoid

Written by Team Urban Tree

The place where you go to sleep every day, after a tiring day of work, has to be a sanctuary. A perfect bedroom is one that is organized and tranquil, creating a sense of balance and order. And a bedroom’s complete sense of style is only retained when it is not poorly arranged with furniture, finished up with paints, or doesn’t have installations that can create a disaster. To make sure that you don’t sabotage your own room, here are a few mistakes that you shouldn’t commit.

#1 Avoid Having a Room Based On a Theme

Creating a themed room and decorating it can be a lot of fun. But it tends to get on you after a point of time especially when the theme gets outdated and starts looking old. Once, you get bored of it, you start replacing its things and spending more and more money on it. Themed rooms after a point don’t work for children unless you are planning on changing the theme every 10 years. What you can do instead is add on a few things here and there according to your choice of theme. For instance, you can use posters which can be replaced every now and then.

#2 Very Bright Colors

Your favourite colour can be anything from bright yellow and green to subtle pastel colors. If you are someone who is keen on bright colors, then remember that the complete look of the room cannot be around yellow or green. These colors are too bright and striking and would make the room look cramped, uncomfortable and stuffy. Pastel colors like grey, beige, white are good choices. With these colors you can use red, yellow or green as details on some parts or as highlights through accessories.

#3 Poor Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of designing. It’s the lighting that brings a relaxing, positive and cheerful aura in a bedroom.  So, have lighting that is quite bright enough to function and not too jarring. Your space should have as much as natural light as it can retain. You can have dimmers as overhead lighting as they work the best and are easy. Also remember to have more than one source of lighting that is well-placed lamps.

 #4 Not Utilizing Furniture

Furniture can be used to their utmost advantage as storage options. The ones that serve as a necessity can be placed, leaving enough space in the room to breathe. In cases where the rooms are small, you can opt for medium size beds or small ones (for kids) rather than king-sized beds. Invest in beds that would have storage options underneath it. Desks that could be folded and unfolded against the wall to make the room more spacious give a vibrant look. But, don’t pick the furniture without choosing the color of the room.

#5 Overworking With the Accessories

There are a lot of people who are in the habit of buying home accessories when out for shopping. They are beautiful and tend to give your room a whole new look, provided they are placed in the right places otherwise they only make the room look stuffy and cramped. If you have a lot of accessories, then take turns and replace them every now and then. This way your room would feel like it’s always new, every time a guest visits. Try avoiding big items as much as you can. Throw pillows are great, but too much of it is not required, especially in a small room. Just because it was on display in the store that way doesn’t mean you have to do it. Choose your accessories wisely.

#6 Avoid Too Many Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors enhances a room by making it look bigger. It’s a piece of art that would help you manage the light of your room (when placed on a certain side). However it can be a disaster if you plan on having more than one mirror on the same side of the wall or different side of the same room. It would fill the room with a lot of light, puzzle the people staying in it and make it uncomfortable. Keeping the usage of mirrors in a bedroom, if kept at a minimal level, would add to the overall look of the room.

Choose being comfortable over stylish. There are a lot of things out there that would look great with your room but would be uncomfortable, like furniture. Be it a big bedroom or a small one, you can make it as stylish as you want it to be, provided you have the required budgets. An ample amount of space is enough to get as creative as you want to be. What counts is how well you decorate it while avoiding the blunders that are generally made.

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