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Being Water-Smart

Written by Team Urban Tree

The concept of smart cities is splurging all over the country and people have their hopes high to have 100 smart cities soon. Ideological debates rage over how to define smart and whether technology is what makes for smart Be that as it may and the dust is unlikely to settle in the short run, here is what a water-smart city should look like.

Chennai for instance is a big metropolitan city and there are many luxury flats in Chennai but the point is does the city comply with being a smart and sustainable city. Sustainability is the basis a smart cities and water is the main factor for a sustainable city. Universal access to services for both water and sanitation is at the heart of a water-smart city. No individual should be deprived of a connection on account of financial or legal conditions imposed on the consumer. Access to water and sanitation facilities will be a right for every citizen. However, certain other rights too will need to play themselves out for this access to happen. The right to a clean environment without pollution is an essential part of a smart and sustainable city. Here, the role of individuals and the community becomes crucial. In their various avatars as voters, as citizens, as children, as social beings, as workers and as people who participate in activities for the reason of participation alone, their presence will become important.

There are many small water bodies in and around Chennai but people must become a community and make sure to pull in the government sources in making proper utilisation of these water bodies to benefit the society as a whole. Parks and recreational activities can also be created around such water bodies so as to promote the conservation of these places. When people come together as a community to protect the water bodies, it will surely lead the city to a water-smart future making our city also a smart and sustainable one!

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