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10 Things to Keep in Mind if You are Renovating Your Home

Written by Team Urban Tree

Renovation means different things to different people. Renovation actually refers to reconstruction done to improve the house. It is like the re-development of the interior, which involves major work. It is a given that you need to have decent financial resources for doing the entire flooring, the woodwork, kitchen fittings, bedroom remodeling, and bathroom retiling and fittings, along with the painting of the entire interior. So, how should you go about it? First of all, you need to allocate a budget, and see how much you could spend on different items of work, in terms of cost of material and labor. In the modern context, renovation would involve retiling of floor in the entire house, and additionally wall tiling in the kitchen as well as bathrooms. Floor tiling and wall tiling is not like repainting which you can do every few years.

Retiling the entire house means it is for keeps, for a very long time. Renovation ends with repainting the interior. If your budget is not exhausted with all of the tiling and repainting work, you can do some woodwork, buy furniture and also buy decorative items and accessories.

So this is what you need to keep in mind if you are renovating your home.

#1 Flooring:

It is the first thing to consider because of its impact on the interior and the extent of work involved. The common options are vitrified or plain ceramic tiles, the latter being a cheaper option. Tiles are available in different sizes, designs and colors. Select tiles that appeal to you, while also considering brand and specs. It is a good idea to use same tiles for the living and dining rooms, and possibly the bedrooms too for uniformity. Tiles for kitchen and bathroom are different, and you could select from a wide variety. For those with a big budget, designer tiles and even European (mostly Italian and Spanish) tiles are also available.

#2 Electrical Work:

This is an area that often gets overlooked but needs serious thought due to the safety aspect and also to prevent rework if a short circuit occurs. If your house has aluminum wiring, you could change to copper wiring. If the house has three phase connection, the phases should be individually well balanced with the connected load. The Breakers and MCCB should be carefully chosen. It is not so complicated and even an electrician may be able to explain and help you decide. If not, there is always Google. Switches for lighting and switch-sockets, both 5A and 15A, should be adequate and suitably located. Decorative switches in different colors are also available to match your color scheme.

#3 Woodwork:

Another important part of innovation, which is in regard to wardrobes in the bedroom and almost the entire store in the kitchen. The entire woodwork need not be replaced, unless there is some structural change. If the idea is to enhance the look then only laminates could be changed, which are available in different designs and textures.

#4 Painting:

Apart from flooring, it is the paint scheme which has a major impact on the interiors. Here again number of options are available. Starting with relatively cheaper oil-bound distemper, other popular options are acrylic emulsion and luster. For the effluent there are wall paints which are even more expensive than the auto paints. So, there is no end to how much you can indulge. Having selected the type of paint, one needs to also choose the color scheme for different spaces and rooms. Some modern interiors have what the conservatives would call outrageous colors but it really is a matter of personal choice. One should go by one’s own choice and not necessarily follow any laid down convention. You could also consider the texturing on one or two walls.

#5 Wallpaper:

An alternative to painting which you may think is no longer in fashion. But, for those who have no time for getting the house painted, wallpaper is the answer. Wallpapers are available in abundance of colors and textures and can cover all of the wall space in just 2-3 days, possibly over just one weekend.

#6 Curtains and drapes:

Here again one is spoilt for choice in terms of fabric, color, and designs. Curtains do play a major role in shaping the look of the interior. The curtains in the living room are mostly floor-length and represent a complete wall when drawn. In modern homes, even the bedrooms have very large windows, further underlining the role of curtains in enhancing the interior.

#7 Lighting:

Lighting doesn’t need to simply illuminate the interiors at night, but lend to it a distinct and rich look as well. Choices range from huge chandeliers and large decorative wall fittings on the one hand, to the simple tube lights on the other. Small light fittings to focus on individual paintings and interiors of cabinets provide a lovely sight in stylish living rooms, not to talk of the table lamps that would remain in fashion forever.

#8 Furniture:

Furniture sure adds to the style quotient of a home. If you are still left with some budget, go in for new furniture. The first to address would be living room sofa and the dining table, which must align with the chosen interior color scheme and décor theme. Rest of the furniture like beds, cabinets, side boards, tables, and chairs etc should be replaced on a need basis.

#9 Wall décor:

This refers to everything that is put up on the wall such as paintings, carving, embroidered panels, or even a wall clock. While some of us go for a minimalist theme considering that colored and well finished walls don’t need any more decoration, there are others who cover most of the wall space with different wall hangings.

#10 Accessories and Curios:

A whole lot of floor and table accessories are available to provide the interior with that wow factor and draw gasps of appreciation from your guests. So, take out the antique figurines that you possess or the curios that you picked up from your holiday travel and showcase them on a table or top of a sideboard.

Renovating your home is not something that you would do often. It needs a lot of time and money. So, quality of material and workmanship must be ensured, even if your budget gets stretched or the scope of renovation is reduced. But, don’t hesitate to embrace the challenge of restoration. Once it is complete it would make your home look and feel wonderful.


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