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10 Best International Schools in Chennai

Written by Team Urban Tree

The dynamic era in which we are living makes it too difficult to survive unless we possess critical thinking skills. The youth of the coming century needs to be trained in a way to be able to cope up with the constant changes. Academics alone cannot help the candidates now as global knowledge, competitiveness and co-curricular activities have become the need of the hour. While you sit on deciding what will be best for your child’s future, this list will help you solve the problem. Here are 10 best International Schools of Chennai which provide much more than just education.

  1. St. John’s International Residential School: St. John’s academy is a learning institution for students who migrate to Chennai for studies. The education pattern has many new strategies and art facilities. The school provides ample number of opportunities to develop the physical and mental ability of students. It is a co-educational, well managed CBSE school in Chennai. It is also listed among the top schools at national level.


  1. Calibre Academy International school: The school provides value based education to students by engaging them in activity oriented teaching and participative learning. Calibre educational foundation is known for its active exchange programmes with world-wide educational environment which gives students an opportunity to go beyond borders for studying. It has a great group of staff working for the institution with expertise in various fields. Calibre is also known for the achievements of the higher secondary level students.
  1. Boston International School: Boston International is located in Nandanam and provides GCSE and GCE A level qualifications. The school is open for admissions to all classes and it follows the British Curriculum. It uses multimedia based tools for learning. Their syllabus include other co-curricular activities like yoga and all-round development.
  1. M.C.T.M. Chidambaram Chettyar International School: This school believes in quality education is a must for a better world. Admissions are encouraged through an entrance exam which is followed by a panel discussion. It carries programs that provide natural progression of students from each level, mainly when they enter secondary level of education. The infrastructure of the school is also well planned and provides a learning environment.


  1. Chennai Public School: It is the most well-known international school of Tamilnadu They follow a CBSE Curriculum and cater to students from KG to Class 12. It focusses on teaching beyond academics by training students in leadership through educational tours, sports, club activities etc. It also provides scholarship to the best candidates for admission into Cambridge IGCSE / IB Diploma Programme and creates an extraordinary educational platform.


  1. Akshar – Arbol: A unique international school providing programmes of two internationally recognized boards. The institution believes in the use of technology as a teaching aid. The eligibility criteria for admission is similar and demands necessary documents for the same. They learn in an environment that nurtures the dreams of students and helps them explore.

Akshar – Arbol

  1. The Velammal International School: The spirit of knowledge here is transformed through intellectual, cultural, sporting and social opportunities. The campus is very spacious which creates a lasting impression. Students from different parts of the globe come to this institution for the international facilities, infrastructure, course curriculum and teaching. The school inculcates value, skills and encourages creative talents in students. The cultural fests organized encourage students to exhibit their talent in various fields like art, music, dance, quiz, elocution and yoga.
  1. Lalaji Memorial Omega International School: Omega International helps students to apply their learning through innovative methods. It is famous for its use of technology in classrooms which are well-equipped with over-head projectors, interactive white boards and computer systems. The school offers space to students to display their creative spirits and runs Value Based Spiritual Education Program (VBSE) that brings into students a sense of behavior and responsibility.

lalaji memorial omega international school

  1. Hindustan International School: The prestigious Hindustan group of institutions, Chennai, is one of the top listed international schools that provide a floor for remarkable growth for students from kindergarten to grade 12. There are vast number of activities organized for students to develop skills and creativity. It is affiliated to Cambridge International Examination. Students here are trained to be capable of achieving relevant qualifications from the university.

Hindustan International School

  1. APL Global School: Academy for Personalized Learning has received accreditation from Cambridge International Examination. It focuses on whole brain development through providing best of learning fundamentals. The campus is spread over 2 Acres It encourages students to be able to categorize their opportunities to reach their goals.

apl global school

This is a comprehensive list of international schools of Chennai which provide not only A-class education but also indulge in overall development of the child. Hope these links and information help you make a better futuristic decision.

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  • A good list of Schools in Chennai and definitely most of them have top-notch standards in the city.

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