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10 Food Joints to treat your Midnight Cravings in Chennai

Written by Team Urban Tree

The city of Chennai always believes in the phrase ‘early to bed, early to rise’ but over the years, it has evolved and many midnight outlets have come out all ready to serve its night owls. Be it a midnight study plan or an after party cravings, a movie night or a night out, hunger pangs past midnight is unavoidable no matter what the reason for it maybe. In this blog, you will find 10 Food Joints that will help you to treat your midnight hunger pangs in the city of Chennai.

#1 Mathsya

Mathsya in Egmore is one stylish present day restaurant that serves a menu ranging across the cuisine of South Indian, North Indian, Continental and Chinese. The standout of Mathsya would be the all-day combo that is offered. It is known among people of Chennai as the place which serves South-veg friendly food at 1:30 AM and is jam packed. It’s famous for its Mysore Masala Dosa, Curd Vada, SambharVada, and Kulfi. Mathsya can also be reached via e-mail.


Cost- ₹450 for two

Timings-7 AM to 1:30 AM

#2 Dawn & Dusk

Dawn & Dusk is one unfussy cafe that is open all night, offering the people of Chennai a dashed up Indian, European and American food that will tantalize your taste buds like never before. It is known for its Godfather Pizza, ChilliPaneer, Pasta, Chicken Tikka Roll and Chicken Club Sandwich.If you’re looking for a delicious light hearted snack, it’s time you get your quick bites delivered from Dawn & Dusk to enjoy a long night.


Cost-₹700 for two

Timings- 7 PM to 5 AM

#3 Twilight

Twilight is considered as one of the perfect low-key midnight eateries. Their menu ranges from North Indian to Chinese and also some Continental dishes. This is another restaurant that is open all night that is fast with its delivery and offers  food that is great in quality.After all the bar hoping that you do in Nungambakkam, your intense craving for food can be fulfilled here.


Cost-₹350 for two

Timings-7 PM to 7 AM

#4 Midnight Express

If you are a night owl and if you’ve not eaten here yet, then it’s time you do so as it is one the oldest midnight food joints in Chennai. The restaurant shuts at 1 AM but it is open for takeaways and deliveries after that. Famous for their Chettinad regional cuisine, Midnight express is also known for its special chicken roast, chicken, mutton and egg biryani. Over the years Midnight express has made minute changes like to include North Indian in their menu. Other than all this, Midnight Express is an intimate local restaurant that serves take-out and eat-in.

Cost-₹400 for two

Timings-7 PM to 2 AM

#5 Cheesy Juicy Burgers

Cheesy Juicy Burgers is just the right place for anybody who is craving for junk in the middle of the night. People who have finished a movie at AGS cinema can walk the distance to cover this place. This food joint is serving customers 24*7 and specializes in Chocolate Sandwich, Boss Burger, Chilli Burger, Cheesy Fries and shakes.Its ambience is made more pleasant with live music and sports screening.Cheesy Juicy burgers has its branches in 5 more locations but only this branch is open past midnight and serves its customers with a smile at any hour. Order:

Cost-₹500 for two

Timings-11 AM to 2 AM

#6 Brew Bites

Brew Bites is Hotel Vestin Park’s 24 hour cafe that caters to offers night time buffets, early morning chaat and global bites. They’ve got a buffet for every style of meal and their food after late night is faster. Once you’re here all you would want to do is to sink into their comfy couch and keep eating everything that they have to give. If you’ve not been here yet, you have to be now because other than the usual monotonous things Brew Bites is kids friendly and offers live sports screening and a smoking area. Desserts and Bakes are also found here and but they don’t offer delivery service.

Timings- Open 24 Hours

Cost-₹550 for two

Address-Hotel Vestin Park, 39 Montieth Road, Egmore, Chennai

#7 Brick House Bistro

This bistro is glass fronted and laid-back with Continental and American dishes. This chic bistro is located at just an arm’s length from the hustle and bustle of Elliot’s beach. It is built up in such a way that it offers to its customers, an outdoor and a sea view seating. King of Club is the most recommended dish here, but other than that it specializes in Beef Patty, Meat Platter, Hot Dog, Chicken Steak, Chicken Sandwich, Onion Sandwich, and Oreo Shake. This bistro offers live sports screening and live music apart from home delivery.

Timings- 12 Noon to 1 AM

Cost-₹600 for two


#8 Haunted

Haunted is a themed restaurant located in the hurly-burly area on Anna Nagar East. As the name suggests the restaurant is put up in a haunted style which works as a great ambience. They have a scary song playing in the background always which gives great chills, especially during the time of the night. It is the only place in Chennai which will offer to you the Arabian and Burmese cuisine the night along with North Indian, Chinese, and BBQ with Beverages. Haunted is best known for its Garlic Kulcha, Haunted Special DejajMashwi, Mutton Balls, PaneerTikka, BBQ Fish, Momos, and Haunted fries. It also offers group meals, candle light dinners, outdoor seating and is kids friendly.


Timings- 12 Noon to 3:30 PM, 6:30 PM to 2 AM

Cost-₹800 for two

#9 Rasavid

This curry house has an open kitchen that serves hand cooked North Indian, South Indian and Hyderabadi dishes. If you’re craving for Biryani in the middle of the night, after a great time at the club,  you’ve to be here as it is known for its Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Tahiri Veg Biryani and MughalaiPannerTikka. With two outlets in OMR, Rasavid is open till 5 in the morning and offers great food to choose from.


Timings-12 Noon to 3:30 PM, 6:30 PM to 5 AM

Cost-₹800 for two

#10 Food Souk

Food Souk in Nungambakkam is a takeaway and delivery restaurant that does not have seating facility. This is the place you’ve to be at if you have midnight cravings as it serves cuisines of South Indian, North Indian, Chinese and Arabian.  The recommended dishes here are Chicken Rara, Crispy Chicken, Chicken Biriyani, Tandoori Wings, Mahesh Chicken, Crispy Prawns, and Butter Fried Prawns. Food Souk is a must go to place for all Non Vegetarian foodies.


Timings- 12 Noon to 5 AM

Cost-₹600 for two

Name the cuisine and it will be available here. While some places have no seating but only delivery facilities some eateries are open till 3 in the morning. So which one these 10 restaurants are you planning to go to for your midnight cravings today? Also, do let us know how many of these 10 have you visited already and what are your feedbacks on it.

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