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The Best Smart Home Devices of 2018

Best Smart Home Devices 2018
Written by Team Urban Tree

Just imagine: you have left home in a hurry and forgot to switch off the lights. Now you can switch them off without having to return back home, with the help a voice command! On a cold day, you want your home to welcome you with a cozy ambience without asking someone to switch on the heater. You can do so with the push of a button! These are not scenes from a popular science fiction flick they are rather realities of smart home devices of 2018. Using the power of Internet of Things (IoT) you could connect, not only the computers and smartphones but also many utility devices that are essential parts of your everyday life.

Home automation, using IoT, offers a world of endless convenience and fun! While there is a general conception that such technologies would cost a fortune, it isn’t really the true picture. Setting up a lamp that turns on and off at your command is a relatively inexpensive proposition, while video surveillance with modern day sophistication can cost you significant money. There are many smart products that can help you control stuff around your home at your whims. So, let us take a look at the best smart home devices for 2018.

#1: Smart Bulbs

If you want a hassle-free control over all the bulbs in your property then nothing can beat the Philips Hue line! This line of smart bulbs allows you to control the intensity of light as well as the color. You can dim or brighten the lighting through various systems, from IFTTT, Alexa to Siri. If you are a traditionalist and want all white bulbs, then the Philips line has the Hue White smart bulbs too.

Apart from the Philips smart bulbs, you can also opt for the LIFX bulbs. The advantage of choosing LIFX bulbs is that they do not require a bridge to operate and connect directly to the home’s Wi-Fi network.

#2: Smart Switches 

With smart switches, illuminating your homes becomes all the more fun! Smart switches can work with conventional light fixtures and bulbs. These switches connect to the Wi-Fi network and perform loads of tasks. Their features include automating lights by the time of the day, sleep timer, lowering and increasing the intensity of light, etc. Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer is the best pick in this category. The only drawback of Wemo switches is its intense wiring needs.

If you want a simpler (and a tad costlier option) then Noon Lighting System has the perfect product for you. These switches come with an OLED touchscreen that controls all the switches within the network.

#3: Smart home hub

If you want a single controller for all your smart home devices, then you have got to purchase a smart home hub. You can control as many smart devices with the help of a capable Hub. Samsung’s SmartThings is the best hub for smart homes. It can connect with ZigBee and Z-Wave. Samsung’s smart home hub comes with door and window sensors, motion detector as well as controls for lightings and other small appliances.

But if you wish seamless integration then Wink Hub 2 should be your choice. This smart home hub connects easily with Wi-Fi network, unlike Samsung SmartThings (which needs to be tethered to a router via Ethernet).

#4: Smart Home Security Systems

If you want to make your home a fortress which the trespasser cannot breach, then the new age home security systems would allow you to attain just that. Coming with door-sense technology, recognition mechanisms, and motion sensors; these smart home sensors assure that homes remain safe while you are away. Smart Lock Pro + Connect by August Home is the most popular product in this category. Apart from performing its basic tasks admirably, the product is easy to integrate and comes with a sleek look.

But if you really want the best deal then ADT Pulse is your purchase option. This home security system offers 24X7 monitoring and customer support, apart from its high-end feature.

#5: Heating and Cooling Systems

Smart heating and cooling controls not only help you remotely switch on and off these devices, they also allow you to control the temperature in a certain portion of the home. You can now control the systems with your voice command or by using the Internet. Ecobee4 is the best product in this category and it comes packed with built-in Amazon Alexa voice service. You can use Amazon Echo or voice control to not only regulate the temperature of your home but also to play music, control other smart devices, shop online, etc.

With these smart devices, your tasks become all the more simple and you can just laze around in your home. So, which is your best pick of smart home devices for your home?

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