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Best Tourist Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu

Written by Team Urban Tree

Tamil Nadu is a state of heritage since 2000 years and is still successful preserving it. This land gave birth to so many great people from almost every field. In the field of cinema (kollywood) Rajnikanth, the international music composer A R Rahman, global award winner for chess Mr Vishwanath, the missile man of India Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and many more. This beautiful state is no less when it comes to stunning scenery. It has place for everyone, be it adventure freaks or  nature lovers, the state has some of the best tourist spots from Hill stations, resorts, temples, beaches, churches, wild life sanctuary to monuments.Read ahead for a virtual trip to Tamil Nadu.


Rameswaram is a town with some of oldest  temples and scenic beaches. It is also known for its sea bridge. The town is located in Pamban islands and is accessed using India’s first sea bridge – the Pamban bridge. This bridge is 6776 feet long, it is very scenic and you will definitely enjoy the ride on this bridge. Rameswaram is a pilgrimage spot after varnasi.. The temple bears rich history & is said that Lord Rama prayed to Lord Shiva of Ramaswaram temple while waging war against Ravana. The temple is spread about 15acres and the architectural work is astonishing. This temple was built before 12th century by the devotees of Lord Shiva.

Ramaswaram temple

Apart from the temple, the Rama’s Bridge known as Rama Setu is a tourist spot. The bridge is formed using a chain of limestone shoals, between Rameswaram Island and Mannar Island, Sri Lanka.


Don’t miss the Danushkodi beach situated in the southern – eastern tip of Pambam Island in Tamil Nadu. It is yet another very beautiful spot to visit.


Mahabalipuram is a place filled with monuments and temples bearing rich history.  It is a great place for history fanatics. . Monuments at Mahabalipuram  include Arjuna’s Penance, Sea Shore Temple, Pancha Pandava Rathas, Descent Of The Ganges, India Seashell Museum, Mamallapuram Lighthouse, Pancha Pandava Cave. Located only 60 kms away from Chennai, this place will take around 5-6 hours.



Famous attractions at kanyakumari are the Vivekananda rock memorial, Vettakottai fort, Thiruvalluvar statue, etc.


Vivekananda rock memorialis a popular tourist monument in Vavathurai. The memorial stands on one of two rocks located about 500 meters east off mainland of Vavathurai, India’s southernmost tip. It was built in 1970 in honour of Swami Vivekananda who is said to have attained enlightenment on the rock. The Thiruvalluvar statue is right beside Vivekananda rock memorial and is about 133 feet tall stone sculpture of the Tamil poet and philosopher Thiruvalluvar, author of the Thirukkural.

Vettakottai fort is a seaside fort near Kanyakumari. It was built in the 18th century as a coastal defence-fortification and barracks in the erstwhile Travancore kingdom. Vettakottai Fort commands a picturesque view of both the sea on the one side, and the hills (Western Ghats) on the other. Another interesting feature near the site is a beach of black sands. It is about 7 km (4.3 mi) from Kanyakumari town.


Ooty also known as Udhagamandalam is a hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu. There are so many lakes, mountains, gardens and has some of most talked about tourist places.  Nature lovers should not miss the government botanical garden, Avalanche Lake, Doddabetta Mountain, etc.


Nilgiri mountain train ride is another awesome spot for tourists. It is built by British in the year 1908 and in 2005 and it was announced as the world heritage site by UNESCO. It’s a ride through nature. The Niligiris express starts from Mettupalayam and travel cutting through the mountain ranges. So if you are visiting Ooty,  don’t miss the ride.

And one can drive back from Mettupalayam and just few kilometres away from Ooty you can find a water theme park called Black Thunder. The rides here are amazing. Plan your holiday well so you don’t miss this one too.


Krishnagiri is scenic and beautiful.  There are so many sightseeing spots and the best one is the Krishnagiri Reservoir Project .It is referred as a beautiful picnic spot blessed with flourishing green vegetation.


Apart from this, there are many Hindu and Jain temples, the famous one is Shree Parshwa Padmavathi Shaktipeet Tirth Dham. Being in open space and away from the commercial lands the temple has a very pure feeling with cool breeze.

Other places to visit are a government museum and rayakottah; it is one of the greatest historic monuments. Rayakottah is a hill fort that has witnessed a lot of Mysore wars. This  is a must see and the best time to make a trip to Krishangiri is winter (October to march).


Nilgiri are a range of mountains forming parts of the Western Ghats located in the western part of Tamil Nadu.

The presence of abundant flora and fauna, old mountain ranges, gushing waterfalls, meandering streams and thrilling trekking routes of Nilgiris attract trekkers, honeymooners, wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts from around the world. Hidden valley, Mudumalai wild life sanctuary, Dolphin’s nose view point, etc. are few must visit places to visit.


Tirunelveli is an ancient city in Tamil Nadu. It has many temples and shrines, including the largest Shiva Temple in Tamil Nadu. The cathedral church is another holy spot to visit. The place is abundant in natural resources and has a diverse range of physical features like mountains ranges, sea coasts, forests and rivers. It looks very beautiful and the weather is very pleasant in the months of October to February when the vegetation is at its peak.


Courtallam falls, sengottai water falls, Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Panangudi, holy trinity church are some of the best places to visit in this district.


There are so many beautiful places in Dharmapuri district. Hogenakkal Falls or Hogenakal Falls is a waterfall in South India on the river Kaveri which is also known as Niagara Falls of south India.


Vathalmalai or Vytla Hills, Sitheri hills, Theerthamalai temple, Hanumanthathirtham, etc. are few other places of interest.


Kodaikanal is a hill town in Tamil Nadu and it’s set in an area of granite cliffs, forested valleys, lakes, waterfalls and grassy hills. The town centres on star-shaped, man-made Kodaikanal Lake, bordered by evergreen forest. Kodaikanal lake, Berijam Lake, Bear Shola Falls, Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, Palani hills, Green Valley View, Pillar Rocks, etc. are best tourist spot to visit.


Guna cave in Kodaikanal also known as devil’s kitchen is another interesting spot to visit. It is a very steep set of caves to get in, which increases the risk factor and hence the adventure in exploring the place. Because of its fatal history, visitors are not allowed to enter the cave. Though, it is still a hot spot for clicking pictures. Do not try to explore it on your own as it can be very dangerous.


Yelagiri is a hill station in Vellore district . The Yelagiri village (also spelled Elagiri at times) is surrounded by orchards, rose-gardens, and green valleys. View of Vaniyambadi town, Yelagiri Lake View, Paragliding at Yelagiri, Punganoor Artificial Lake-cum-Park, Jalagamparai Waterfalls, and Swami Malai Hills are some places of interest in Yelagiri.



Yercaud is a hill station in Salem District, in Tamil Nadu.  It is located in the Shevaroys range of hills in the Eastern Ghats. Tourists can have a panoramic view of the plains below through the telescope mounted at the lady’s seat, Killiyur falls, Servaroyan temple, Pagoda point, Silk farm and rose gardens, trekking, etc. are few spots that gives you a different experience.


The highly industrialized town of Coimbatore is often termed as the ‘Manchester of India’. It is the second largest city in terms of area in the State of Tamil Nadu. The place is famous for its various temples, shopping hubs and typical Tamil food items. It is also surrounded by various picnic spots like waterfalls and rivers which are sure to refresh your senses and are great places to visit with family or friends.


Siruvani Waterfalls, Marudamalai Temple, Dhyanalinga Temple, Monkey Falls, Indira Gandhi Wild Life Sanctuary and National Park, etc. are few places to visit in Coimbatore.


The city of Kanchipuram is located on the shores of the Vegavathy River. Since medieval times it has been significant as the educational centre. The city is also famous for its various temples that are built in the Dravidian style of architecture and display amazing stone carvings.


One of the major products of Kanchipuram is its specialized silk and more than 5000 families residing here are involved in silk weaving and that’s why the name “Kanchipuram silk Saris”. The place is rich in both natural and manmade attractions and has a distinct culture that one must experience. With its various temples, bird sanctuary, beaches, backwaters etc. makes the city a must visit.


Madurai is an energetic, ancient city on the Vaigai River in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Its skyline is dominated by the 14 colourful gopurams (gateway towers) of Meenakshi Amman Temple.


Apart from that it has Thirupparankundram Murugan Temple, Gandhi Museum, Samanar Hills, Koodal Azhagar temple and Pazhamudhir Solai.


The capital city is best in retaining its heritage. Every aspect of its culture – music, cuisine, dance, textile and architecture is maintained still and that is the reason it holds the responsibility to develop South India economically, socially, culturally, and commercially. With several religious sites, galleries, museums, gardens, historic monuments, beaches and adventurous activities, one can easily spend a week touring this city.

10 Best Places To Visit In and Around Chennai this Summer

Marina Beach, Elliot’s Beach, Cove long Beach, Fort St. George, San Thome Church, Sri Parthasarathy Temple, Vellankani Shrine, Semmozhi Poonga(park), MGM Dizzee World (amusement park), Queens Land (amusement park), Dakshina Chitra,  Birla Planetarium, Pulicat Lake & Bird Sanctuary.


Masinagudi is a forestry area located in the north western side of Nilgiris hills. It has a famous park called Mudumalai national park where you can find many species of animals and birds. The national park organises safaris rides into wildlife sanctuary areas either from 6:30 – to 8:30 am or 3:00 – 6:00 pm. The ride is for 45mins to an hour. It’s a perfect trip for wild life lovers. You can find Tiger, Panther, Samba, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Blackbuck, Common Langur, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Flying Squirrel, Four-horned Antelope (Chowsingha), Wild Dog, Jackal, Mongoose, Jungle Cat, Rusty Spotted Cat, Leopard Cat Striped Hyena, Leopard-cat, Small Indian Civet, Striped-necked Mongoose, Ruddy , Mongoose, Sloth Bear, Indian Giant Squirrel, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Porcupine, Striped Hyena, Slender Lories, etc.


Some of the rare birds of prey like the Rufus bellied hawk eagle can be occasionally seen in this Sanctuary. Avifauna is varied with Changeable Hawk Eagle, Black Eagle, Oriental Honey-buzzard, Jerdon’s Baza, Bonelli’s Eagle, Crested Goshawk, Besra, Mottled Wood Owl, Brown Hawk Owl Minivet, Hornbills, Golden Oriole, Chloropsis, Paradise flycatcher, etc.The reptiles present are the Python, Monitor Lizard, Flying Lizard, Cobra, Krait, Vipers etc. The scenic climb is an unbeatable experience.


Valparai is a Taluk and hill station in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. It has many dams, waterfalls, viewpoints, etc.  Listing few includes Aliyar dam, a scenic with lovely view of the mountains and the river from the dam. If there are no rains, you can go for boating too. It is a good place for picnic and spend a peaceful evening.


Loam’s view point is a beautiful view point.  The panoramic view from this point is excellent. It’s a treat for Photographers. From here,   we can see the  Aliyar Dam.

Grass hill is another place to visit. It is called as god’s own backyard because of its beautiful scenery. There are birds chirping, there’s only greenery everywhere and amazing breeze blowing all around plus fear in the mind that you can come across a wild cat or a bison or even a wild elephant. Just imagine how adventurous that would be!

Chinnakallar waterfall is a nice spot and a right place if you want to do a small trekking. There is also a hanging bridge leading to the falls that’s quite awesome.


Srirangam is bounded by the Kaveri River on one side, and the Kaveri distributary Kollidam on the other side. The most famous destination is the Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam.The Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple or Thiruvarangam is a Hindu temple dedicated to Ranganatha, a reclining form of Hindu deityVishnu. Constructed in the Dravidian style of architecture, this temple is glorified in the Thiviya Pirabandham, the early medieval Tamil literature canon of the Alvar saints from the 6th to 9th centuries AD and is counted among the 108 Divya Desams dedicated to Vishnu.


Thanjavur attraction adds delight to tourism in Tamil Nadu. The attractions of Thanjavur enable the tourists to capture the vitality of the landscape. It also helps the tourists to know more about the cultural heritage of the city.


It has many temples, shrines, and royal museum. The most beautiful temple to visit is Brihadeeswara Temple, situated in the district of Thanjavura UNESCO approved World Heritage Site. The foundation of the temple is believed to have been laid in 1002 CE and was completed in 1010 CE by Rajaraja Chola I of the great Chola dynasty. One of the largest of its kind, the Brihadeeswara Temple is a highlight of the glorious architectural talents and skilful technicians during that era.

Gangaikonda Cholapuram is considered as one of the most historically important places. During the Chola dynasty, Gangaikonda Cholapuram was pronounced as the capital of the regions under the Chola rulers by Rajendra Chola I from 1025 CE for about 250 years. The city was actually founded by the emperor to memorialize his victory over a battle with the Pallava dynasty. Back in those days, the entire administration affairs of South India, ranging from Tungabhadra in the north to Ceylon in the south, was once controlled by this city.

Darasuram Temple, Tirumanancheri Temple, Tiruvarur Temple, etc. are few other places to visit.

These were some of the best places in Tamil Nadu. We hope you enjoy take a trip to Tamil Nadu and have a great time. If you have any query/ suggestions you can ask in the comment section below.

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