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7 Best Zumba classes in Chennai

zumba dance classes
Written by Team Urban Tree

Zumba is a dance/exercise program founded by Colombian choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez during the 1990s. It basically involves aerobic and dance movements which are performed to energetic music. Usually, the choreography incorporates various elements of hip-hop, samba, salsa and mambo.

The tempo of the music usually varies and is integrated in such a way that it becomes the best resistance workout. This helps the body to burn out the excess fat and also helps in keeping the body in shape. According to experts Zumba is mentioned as one of the best work-out methods as it can burn out 500 to 1000 calories in approximately one-hour session. Due to the immense health benefits it offers, Zumba is preferred by most of the working citizens.

Interestingly Chennai is becoming a popular destination for Zumba choreographers due to the increasing demand for these classes from the suburban population. Currently, there are many fitness centres in Chennai that are offering Zumba classes. Here is the list of the top 7 best Zumba classes in Chennai

#1. Raack Academy of Dance

Motto: “Make dance a way of life”

With more than 19 years of experience, Raack academy of dance has performed over 3000 shows around the globe, trained more than 50,000 students with about 10 branches spread across the city. Raack has been associated with the biggest names in television and the film industry. They have even worked with the giants of the corporate world.

Raack Academy in chennai

Location: Velachery, Chennai

#2. HipsNToez

Motto: “To train aspiring dancers to the fullest and take them to the level of professional dancers”

HipsNToez is a state-of-the-art dance company located in Madipakkam, Chennai. HipsNToez has a track record of successfully training a lot of aspiring dancers and pushing them to the next level.

Hipsntoez Dance class

Location: Madipakkam, Chennai

#3. Kamcrewz Academy of Dance

Motto: “Bringing the best value for the students”

Kamcrewz academy of Dance is known for its timely service, quality teaching and reasonable cost. They bring the best value for their students and they take care of the welfare of their dancers. Currently, they are providing training for break dance, Zumba, disco, freestyle and hip-hop dances. They have branches in Anna Nagar and Pallikaranai.

Kamcrewz Academy of Dance

Location: Ashok Nagar, Chennai

#4. M Fitness studio

Motto: “We aim to provide a relaxed environment, exclusively for women, to allow you to improve your fitness without worries or stress.”

Located at Anna Nagar this is one of the best fitness studios in the city. They offer classes for Zumba, cardio fitness and yoga. The trainers and support staff are well experienced. This is reflected in their classes and their professionalism while training the students. Since the studio is located in a prime location IT professionals and entrepreneurs attend the classes on various days with flexible timings.

M Fitness studio in chennai

Location: Anna Nagar West Extension, Chennai

#5. Dance Extreme

Motto: “We believe in helping to grow and shape children as dancers and as individuals by fostering life skills they will have for the rest of their lives.”

Dance extreme is famed for its excellent coaching. As such, they provide toning and fitness to its students. They follow their unique style of teaching which mixes aerobic movements and dance elements along with squats and lunges which they believe is the best Zumba methodology for fitness practices.

Dance Extreme Zumba Salsa Dance

Location: VadivelanNagar, Velachery, Chennai

#6. The Swingers Dance studio

Motto: “Fit in your old pair of Jeans”

They train all the students irrespective of their age. The most important aspect of Swingers dance studio is that they design classes in a fun and entertaining way. Presently, Archana is the main Zumba instructor and her methodology is innovative. She calls it “magical and miraculous Zumba”

The Swingers Dance studio


Location: Star towers, New AvadiRoad, Kilpauk, Chennai

#7. Talwalkars

Motto: “Lose yourself to the music in style and comfort”

Talwalkars better value fitness limited is one of the largest chains of health club in India and is currently available at six prime locations in Chennai. Talwalkars is often associated with Zumba fitness and provides Zumba classes which are considered to be the best in the city.

talwalkars chennai

Location: Kasturba Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai.

Zumba dance is gaining momentum especially among the IT professionals and working women, due to its effective weight loss potential. With many institutes offering Zumba classes in Chennai, there are many options for the prospective students to choose the one which suits their needs.

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