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7 Mistakes you make before heading out for vacation

vacation mistakes
Written by Team Urban Tree

It is that time of the year again! Yes! The much-awaited summer is here! That means fun-filled times and of course a vacation. Vacations are the perfect way to unwind after weeks of hard work! On that note- let’s look at ways to make sure you don’t leave out anything or make mistakes while heading out for vacation. Remember to pay attention to these details for a stress-free time.

Not intimating the Police station:

One important item on the checklist should be to keep the Police Station well aware that you are locking the house even if it is for a few days. You are sure to feel safe knowing that someone is keeping a watchful eye. It is extremely important to make sure that you keep the local authorities updated. Please do inform the local police station so that they keep a vigil.

Failing to leave a house key with neighbours/tenant/landlord:

Another mistake is not leaving our house key with someone you trust, in case of any emergencies. Make sure you leave your key with someone who will be responsible and will intervene in case of any issues. It will be helpful in case of any gas leaks or electricity issues.

 Stuffing the luggage:

A common error from time to time is stuffing your luggage with too many things. You anticipate that you might require things that in fact may not be of use. Emptying your entire wardrobe into the suitcase is what happens usually (don’t worry you are not alone in this). But, do you really need so many things? No, you don’t.  So the next time you pack, make sure to travel light and pack prudently.

Forgetting to pack the essentials:

You would have done it and regretted later. Thinking you have packed absolutely everything only to realize that is not so. Essentials differ from situation to situation. Most hotels and places today do have a set of first-aid and toiletries with them. However, if you are going to be on the move, it is better to have some with you. You can avoid this common mistake by simply keeping a stock of important items in your travel bag.

Leaving electrical appliances on:

Leaving the switches on and over-charging the appliances at home is another major mistake. It is important to clear out and switch off the refrigerator and other appliances that you tend to leave on throughout the day. Make sure to do a quick check to see if all the appliances are off before you head out!

Not making bookings and prior arrangements:

Vacations are easier and hassle-free if we pre-book and make reservations for accommodation and travel. One major mistake is not paying enough attention to hotels in the name of spontaneous travel. Booking a room on arrival is very difficult especially during peak seasons such as summer. So prepare a travel plan and figure out your tour details ahead!

Cramming too many activities:

A rookie mistake is falling prey to burning yourselves out in a short span of time. Yes, you certainly have to experience as many things as possible and have a good time. But, the fear of missing out makes you take up too many activities although you have a short stay. Plan your activities after taking into account travel time and duration of the visit.

These are some common mistakes that you are prone to make when leaving for vacations. They are simple errors that you don’t even realize you are doing. However, fret not! Now that you know your tendency, you can set things right by simply following these pointers!


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