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8 Ways to Bring More Positivity and Energy to Your Home

Written by Team Urban Tree

Why positivity and energy are coveted by all of us? Many consider energy as the fountainhead of life, meaning energy is the source of life. Energy is said to be flowing through our body at all times and its level rises or dips depending upon our emotions. Positive emotions therefore create positive energy or positivity. Home is our personal space where we spend a lot of time. The objects we keep at home should evoke positive emotions in us so that we feel surrounded by positivity and good energy. Some good examples are wonders of nature such as green valleys, flowers, rivers, clouds, rainbow etc.; all of which evoke positive emotions. While we can’t get all of these into our homes, there are other objects and ways that could create positive energy and the desire to feel good.

#1 De-clutter Your Home

Unnecessary items, which fill the house and make it look cluttered, need to be removed to start with. This helps in clearing negative energy and prepares your home for positive energy. When we have a lot of things lying around at home, we also tend to get attached to them. But too many items create a clutter and release negative energy. Cleaner and uncluttered spaces also help to de-stress the residents.

#2 Play Soothing Music

Even though music is considered simply a form of entertainment, it has a number of healing effects on the body. Music enhances positive vibrations and also creates positive emotions. Music concerts for instance are seen to lift the entire audience and boost everyone’s energy level. Music therapy is known to cure several neurotic disorders as well.

#3 Place Plants and fresh flowers in the house

Live plants create positive energy and elevate the mood. Whenever we are close to nature, we receive good vibrations and positive energy. It has also been scientifically proven that plants help remove harmful gases and compounds like formaldehyde, benzene, TCE, carbon monoxide, and also airborne residue of pesticides and disinfectants from the environment. Flowers also provide a soothing effect and give rise to positive emotions.

#4 Get Rid of Toxins

Toxins are found in chemicals which are used to manufacture household cleaning agents and also some paints and polishes. Some health and beauty products also have toxins in them. Use of natural cleaning solutions can help clear the toxins and remove negative energy. Removal of toxins also has several direct health benefits.

#5 Beeswax Candles

These candles provide a boost to the overall energy levels inside a house. Fragrance from the candles elevates the mood as well. However, don’t use just any scented candles available in the market, which may contain undesired chemicals such as formaldehyde. Instead opt for beeswax candles containing essential oils or oil diffusers.

#6 Himalayan Salt

This is the purest form of natural salt, found in crystal shape in the Himalayan mountain ranges. This salt has a pinkish orange color and it is free of any impurities or toxins. This salt has several health benefits. Himalayan salt releases negative ions which counter and neutralize harmful positive ions that are released by wireless equipment such as mobile phones. Himalayan salt also removes static electricity from air. The net result is that Himalayan salt elevates one’s mood and creates positive energy. Presence of this salt also promotes sound sleep and treats insomnia. The best way to use Himalayan salt is by placing Himalayan salt lamps inside the house.

#7 Use of Essential Oil Diffusers 

There are some types of oils which have purifying properties and help to remove negative energy, as also bacteria and viruses, from the space around. These oils, which have amazing cleansing properties, are called oil diffusers. These oils are known to raise the vibration frequency and thereby infuse the space with positive energy. These oil diffusers were used in ancient times by the Greek and possibly Egyptians too. Some commonly available oil diffusers, which can be placed inside the house, are peppermint, rose, cedar wood, and lavender.

#8 Symbol of Happy Memories

Good memories always bring positive energy. A good way to create happy memories is to place photographs and pictures of happy occasions and memorable vacations or travel trips on walls and tables inside the house. The walls of a room or space, where the family normally sits and lounges, is the perfect place to display those picture frames. It is necessary to change the pictures every few months to maintain the positive energy level. It is also a good idea to invite friends and family to the house regularly, especially those that give us positive vibrations.

There are other ways too to enhance the level of positive energy in the house, such as having more colors, more fragrances, keeping soft-feel items around, pampering your pets and so on. But, one may have to experiment and feel the positive energy from different objects and come to a conclusion as to what is more helpful. This is because our individual vibration frequencies are different, and so is our temperament and emotional make up. But, adapting a few of the above stated means enhancing the energy and positivity of our home and would be worth the effort.

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