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Top Brunch Buffet Spots in Chennai for Lazy Weekends

Written by Team Urban Tree

After a much needed Friday night out what follows is a lazy comfortable weekend where all you look forward to are ways in which you can treat yourself. Well, if you’re thinking of a brunch buffet then you have landed at the right place. The idea of splurging oneself in the lavish delight offered by some of the best brunch buffet restaurants in Chennai is heavenly. Brunches are in fact the best way to catch up with old buddies while gulping down beer and munching deliciously unlimited food of your choice. Given below are the top brunch spots in Chennai where you can go to if you are looking for a perfect brunch hangout place.

1. Illusion 

This Madras Pub other than being known for its nightlife is also a major brunch place. It is known for its North Indian, Continental and Chinese food. Their Sunday brunch is uplifting with a fantastic speed of multi cuisine buffet and upbeat music. Their in-house drinks work best with the food and the laser light filled club is the perfect place to set your mood right.

Cost-1200/per person

2. Little Italy

Is your hungry stomach craving for creamy pasta and delicious thin crust pizzas? Then there is no better place set out for you other than Little Italy, which offers mouthwatering food with a killer brunch. They have a widespread brunch buffet which would require nothing else but a lot of appetite from your side. With multiple branches in the city, Little Italy has made a way into the hearts of the locals. For all the vegetarian lovers it the perfect place to be at for a perfect Sunday brunch.

Cost-700/per person

3. Sigree

Sigree is a North West frontier food restaurant that would make you move from your regular Barbeque joints and head out to this particular place. Their black dal is a must have and the paneer starters are delicious. They have a sumptuous variety of dishes offered in their brunch buffet and ambience of Sigree is so set that it will go in the exact right way with your authentic food.

Cost-600/ person

4. Zaica

Zaica is another North West frontier restaurant that helps you savor the richness of a really spicy Mughlai and North Indian cuisine while soaking in the deeply thought and done interiors. They are infamous for their lavish spread which allows you to eat as much as you want. The spread ranges from Chaats, like Pani Puri to Kababas and Soups, Gravies and Mains, Biryani and 6 astounding types of Desserts which will satisfy your sweet tooth desires. All you have to do is head to Zaica and eat like a glutton.

Cost- 500/person

5. Spice Haat- Hyaat Regency 

Situated in the heart of Chennai, is a three meal restaurant that offers authentic Indian and street food commonly known as Spice Haat. They have one of the largest buffet selections in Chennai which is widespread with live counters and South Indian, North Indian, Continental, Grills, Salads, cold cuts, and so much more. It is truly a foodies paradise as it serves a king size brunch that you will crave on a lazy happy Sunday.

Cost- Breakfast brunch-675+

Lunch Brunch-1250+

6. Spectra-The Leela Place

Spectra is a humongous one of a kind restaurant that opens to the spectacular view of the Bay of Bengal. Their buffet ranges from favorites picked from the streets of Europe, Japan, India, Middle East and even French. Their buffet also includes unlimited sparkling wine and the rare vintage champagne. Their a-la-carte menu also stands outs but their brunch is a massive hit. What sets Spectra apart is the kids brunch that is done especially for kids and those brunches with your ‘the one’ with a sea facing restaurant which can’t get more romantic.

Cost- Nonalcoholic- 2450+


Kids brunch-1225+

7. Sera/Tapas Bar & Restaurant

It’s a shame if you’ve been to Chennai and haven’t visited Sera. It’s the place that offers one of the legendary brunches of all times in Chennai with a glass of Sangria or Red Wine whatever you love the most. This place with its live music, utterly delicious food, impeccable service, and perfectly bent ambience is sure to take you to Spain!


8. The Flying Elephant

Want to enjoy great food with great music under one roof? Flying Elephant is the place to be at! With cuisines in Turkish, Continental, Charcoal Grill, Italian, North Indian, Asian, Thai available, Park Hyatt offers the people of Chennai the best buffet brunches Sundays.

Cost-2095/ person

9. Shiraz Art Cafe

Shiraz Art cafe is the perfect place to brunch if you’re on a date. Nonetheless, it is also very family oriented with the outdoor seating, pet friendliness, artistry ambience and a wondrous sea view. The brunch has a variety of dishes to offer and with the calm and serene environment food becomes even more delicious. What more? Shiraz Art Cafe has Mid-Eastern music which is played in the background as you enjoy a scrumptious brunchy morning!


Brunching is considered as one of the best meals a person can have on weekends. It’s affordable and offers unlimited food choices and cuisines. If you’re a person who wouldn’t mind having a glass of wine or champagne with your food, then there a lot of places that you can visit in Chennai. Even otherwise there are places that you can head too! Of the places given above how many have you ticked off from your bucket list? And which one are you visiting this weekend? Do let us know!

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