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Budget friendly hacks to liven up your room

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Your living room is that part of your home which is visited the most. Be it your own house or a rented place, the decor and maintenance of your living room portray the image and personality that you carry with yourself. Hence a liven up living room would portray a great personality of yours. Not just that, a brightened up living room would be that happy place you would look forward to being at after every tiring day at work. There are many ways in which you can bring changes in your living room. Given below are a few things that would help you spice up your living room, giving it a new feel with some pocket-friendly ideas.

#1 Bring in a carpet

Carpet layering is considered as one of the best ways to liven up your living room. You can also think of bringing in a rug if it falls in your budget. Generally, a carpet works for a living room, but if you have to create a cosy warm look, the time you bring in the rug. In case, you already have one, just replace it. Laying one in front of your couch would be a great addition to your living room. Make your carpet stand out, by choosing the one which matches with the shades of your decor.

#2 Add wallpaper

Wallpapers are generally expensive. But adding wallpaper would mean that you’re making your own statement. There are number of wallpaper choices available in the market and if you are looking correctly you would find the one that matches your budget and also fits in with your living room. You can also look for a plain wallpaper and stencil it up just to bring a new look. In case you already have one, choose your stencil designs, pick your pencils are starting giving your living room a personal touch.

#3 Liven your couch

The simplest way to liven your couch would be by adding colour to it. If your sofa is in good shape, then change the cloth or rexine of it (depending on what your sofa is made off). Changing sofa cloth can be an expensive change at the moment but it works as a future investment and also brightens up your living room.

#4 Pillowcases

If your budgets don’t let you change the sofas then give a new look to it. The simplest way to make it new is to add cool pillows. You can even make pillow slipcovers at home in case you already have pillows. Getting crafty with pillowcases would add a personal touch to your living room. Moreover, pillow covers are cheap. You can keep changing them once in a while to create a new look every time.

#5 Furnish your furniture

In case you are not able to paint your walls, try painting your furniture. Get creative and give a whole new look to your old furniture. To get more tips on how to give life to your old furniture read http://blog.urbantreehomes.com/best-furniture-restoration-tips/. Furnishing your furniture is the easiest way to bring a change and if you have budgets then you can also make major changes to your furniture.

#6 Crafty decor

Decorating your homes with budget-friendly decor would give a whole new life to your living room. There are a lot of shops in Chennai which has great home decor items. To know more about this read http://blog.urbantreehomes.com/best-home-decor-stores-chennai/. In case you don’t find anything falling under your budget look for decor items that are already in your house and try giving it a new look. If you’re a person who can make things, then you know what you have to do.

#7 Reposition everything!

Repositioning is the easiest way to brighten up and bring a change in your living room.Repositioning would mean shifting the items of your living room to new places in your living room. Unless you are building something new, repositioning is the most economical thing to do.

#8 Get creative and DIY

Gold never goes out of fashion. Rummage your store; find old furniture, decor items that you no longer use. Clean them up and spray paint it with gold. Anything done with gold looks elegant, decorative and expensive. You can even spray it on your furnitures like your table, shelves or chairs to give a more glamorous look to your home. Anything that is old can be made with just a new can of gold spray! Gold is just one of the many ways to do this. If you are looking for something more creative then you can make photo collages and put it up in your living room.

Remember, your living room speaks a thousand words about you. It’s a vital part of you. Keep it clean, keep it right. Liven it up and give yourself a better life.

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