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7 Little Changes That Will Make A Big Difference With Your Home Decor

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Written by Team Urban Tree

The chandelier, the L-shaped sofa, the showcase that is filled with trophies and memories, bright lighting and a mixture of colors are the trademark interiors found in every Indian household. 15 years ago the idea for hiring an interior designer for your home interior was an option considered only by the elite. The rest of us happened to do the decor on our own. Now, interior designing has become a part and parcel of every household and we don’t hesitate to hire professionals. The trend nowadays is to be innovative. Innovation mixed with the plethora of subtle designs is loved by most people. But, with the number of amazing designs and ideas on the Internet, it is possible for you to take a bold step and come up with an interior plan by yourself. If you already had done your interior and looking to mix it up a little bit, here are 7 little changes that might make a big difference to your home decor

#1. Change the wall color

Enticing colors can be a great start in transforming your home completely. Dull and faded paint in your home could disturb the entire setup. Choosing to change them would amplify the entire look and make you feel home. The obstacle that people face most of the time is choosing the color. There are various factors that an interior designer takes into account when he chooses the wall color for a room. The natural light that comes into your home plays a huge part. More the natural light, lighter the color is, and vice versa. Also, the wall color should complement the entire furniture and home decor.

White could never go wrong! When in doubt, simply choose white. It could go with any color and also gives a pleasant look. But, if you are in doubt and want to experiment with darker shades such as red or green then it is wise that you get an expert opinion. A key factor to remember is that paint is easy to change. Just experiment till you achieve what you have in your mind.

Bright color that completed each other
White wall paint that complements the rest of the interior

#2. Use patterns

Patterns are in trend these days among many interior designers. When distributed evenly throughout the different interior pieces, the use of patterns could be refreshing. The most commonly used patterns in India are the geometric and the floral ones. You can see them in the carpets, curtains, cushions and the pillows. It all comes down to how well you blend these patterns to bring an organized look. If you like the way it looks, add one more pattern that complements the first one; color wise and pattern wise.

If you have a lighter color on all of the living room decors then you could throw in a bright color rug with heavy floral patterns. Do thorough research on how you could match different patterns and achieve a certain look. For example, you cannot mix extreme colors when you are using patterns in different places. You could take inspiration from Pinterest and come up with ideas, or if you expect perfection then get a professional opinion.

Balanced use of patterns throughout the home interior
Bright and heavy patterned carpets to complement the light colored interiors

#3. Indoor gardens

Want to bring some life into your home? Literally? Set up an indoor garden with some fresh indoor plants. The green color could bring a sense of peace and also help purify the surrounding air. When living in a bustling city these indoor plants could just be the change you need. Also, they act as the perfect natural home decor.

Some plant suggestions for your home interior

Peace Lily:
  • Apart from being part of your home decor, this plant helps in purifying the air quality.
Peace lily
  • It is a plant that grows in minimal light with little watering.
Fern as an interior decor
  • Cactus might be the easiest plant to maintain and they come in different shapes and sizes.

#4. Add a Mirror

Mirrors are a huge part of everyone’s lifestyle. Just adding an aesthetic mirror alone could enhance the entire look of the room. Add a mirror to the existing room and change the entire vibe. A huge mirror makes space look wider and brighter, as it reflects light and distributes it to the entire room.


#5. Plates as a well Decor

Plate decor could be the simplest way to decorate the living room. The art is becoming popular as it is simple and easy to purchase. Many decorative plates are available online. You can purchase the ones that go along with your wall color. Assemble in different forms and voila, you have the perfect wall decor that could spice up your room.

Plates arranged in a diamond-like pattern

#6. Mood Lighting to your Bedroom

Lighting in the bedroom should reflect ‘YOU’. There is no right or wrong as to how you choose the lighting in your bedroom. Some might choose bright and cheerful while some may go for dim and cozy. Preferences vary from person to person. It is important to find out what suits you before making a decision. Include mood lighting to your bedroom and feel the evident change.

Mood lighting

#7. Your Corner

Choose a spot that you feel most comfortable at your home and turn it into a ‘YOU CORNER’. It could be your reading space or space where you get to binge on your favourite shows. You could add a personal flavour to the spot and make it your comfort space.

Reading corner

People might think these changes as trivial, but while looking at the big picture, these are what matter at the end of the day and these are what that elevates the look of the home. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to design, just follow your heart and makes thing awesome. Hope these ideas help you bring about a change to your interior vibe.

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