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Checklist To Understand the Construction Quality Of an Apartment

quality of apartment construction
Written by Team Urban Tree

In the kind of lifestyle we live in, apartments are beginning to play a major role. There are many real estate builders who compete and offer apartments with many amenities

In this situation where there is a demand for construction, the quality factor has become a crucial part. In the case of individual homes, builders get to focus more, but in the city right now, every residential building is an apartment and every apartment is a skyscraper. When a high-rise building is constructed the builder needs to take utmost care and construct it to perfection. So, what are the checks that need to be done to make sure the construction quality is impeccable?

Find out in the list below:


The type of soil in which the apartment is built is very important. Ground soil differs from place to place and so it is mandatory to check the soil quality in the construction site before constructing the apartment. The tall buildings are not supposed to build with clay soil and black cotton soil because it can expand and shrink, which is not suitable for the construction. Bedrock and Loam soil is best suitable for tall building constructions. Every builder should have got the soil tested & certified by the government before they initiate the construction. Every buyer should check that certification from the builder.


The Concrete mixture varies from apartment to apartment depending on the load, and the concrete mixtures are known as grades (M20, M25). Some builders don’t test their concentre grades in laboratories to ensure whether it can withstand living load of the apartment. And so, as a buyer one should ask the tested concrete grades documents from the builders and confirm if everything is fine before buying the apartment.


It is recommended to check the external fittings of the apartment in every room, especially in the kitchen. Bad external fittings can be the reason for early breakage and leakage. 90% of the apartment builders don’t compromise on their fittings to ensure good quality, while some builders use cheap fittings to cut down their construction costs. Always look for the ISO mark given by the BIA (Bureau of Indian Standards) to ensure the quality of your fitting, and fixtures which are used in bathrooms.


Check the quality of plasters on the outer walls. Irregular surfaces and cracks are an indication of bad quality of construction. Have a look at the walls and doors about the type of paint which is applied. Quality paints last longer and also have the chemical component named polymers, which give a good bond between the walls and the paint.


Currently, most of the apartment builders are constructing their buildings with earthquake resistance material. Yet, it is recommended to consult with a structural engineer to know how much impact the apartment can withstand during the earthquake. Most apartments constructed in the last 5 years can withstand only up to 4.0 magnitude while some can withstand up to 9.0 magnitude. Also, examine the fire exits and power supply techniques inside the apartment.


The plan sheet includes the wall thickness details in it. But there are few other simple ways in which you can check the thickness of the walls, such as: 

I.    Try to make a hole in the wall using some households. If you are successful in that then it reflects the quality of the wall.

II.    Give a hard tap or knock on the wall. The amount of sound which one gets determine the construction quality of the wall.

It is hard to find out the flaws in-floor alignments if there is a measurement error. To find out if there is a mistake in the floor alignment, roll down some marbles on the floor. If in case the floors are misaligned the marbles roll in the direction of the sloppy side. 


Most of the apartments being constructed now come with the lift. Yet, few of the apartments lack to add some of the mandatory provisions that a lift should possess. These provisions are to be checked as they relate to the safety of the lift. Few of such provisions are explained below,

I.    SPEED GOVERNOR – To make sure that the elevator does not cross the required speed, this device is installed.

II.   OVERTRAVEL – Electromechanical limit switches are to be provided on the terminals to avoid the collision with the ceiling as well as the ground.

III. AUTOMATIC RESCUE – During the power cut, this battery-operated device brings the lift to the nearby floor.

IV.  BUFFER SPRINGS – These are high-grade springs under the lift. In the rare case of over speed, this spring absorbs some mechanical energy & reduce the impact on the people inside.

Some of the apartment construction qualities can be examined by a layman while some need professional advice. But, as a buyer, one should be aware of things like safety, security, and quality of the building before negotiating with a buyer. The government’s Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) has given many checklists to follow while constructing a building; visit their site to learn more.

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