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Why Chennai Is the Best City to Live In

Why Chennai Is the Best City to Live In
Written by Team Urban Tree

The heat is blitzing and sometimes even blinding. You sweat, huff, pant and pout as you traverse through the seemingly never ending crowd of people. But no one who has ever been to Singara Chennai would disagree on this- the hustle and bustle that surrounds the city sort of envelopes it into a warm sphere of contented comfort. The temple bells ring every morning at 6 a.m. but public transport at CMBT rises even before the Gods do. The fuzzy and warm early morning travels and the sunny, salty breeze that follows- the comfort and familiarity of it all- that’s what makes the spirit of Chennai. Not really convinced? Read on and you will be.

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Chennai is one of the largest metropolitan cities accommodating over 4.3 million residents in a well-spaced out plan thus reducing the congestive effect that this amount of population would have had. Did you know that Chennai holds the place of 9th best city in last year’s issue of Cosmopolitan- top 10 cities in the world? Not there yet? We’ll get you right on.

According to a recent report conducted by CBRE, Chennai has emerged as the most preferred city to live in among all South Indian cities. Prospective owners prefer to have their properties located in Chennai not just because of the city’s booming IT sector but also because the relative stability of the real estate market. There has been a 10 fold increase in the number of apartment units sold in Chennai over the last 10 years and is expected to increase.

Added to this, the city has also facilitated convenience points for its residents with the onset of a newly reconstructed airport, the newly launched Metro Rail services and elevated highways. To cater to the needs of more people, individual houses in popular areas like Mylapore, Alwarpet and Nungambakkam were converted into multi-storey apartments. This boosted the residential market by a significant factor.

Here’s a list of reasons that tell you why Chennai is the best city to live in.

Importance to education:

On an average, Chennai is one city that places a lot of emphasis on education. There is a whole plethora of both universities and schools for any aspiring student to choose from. A great number of students find it relatively easier to study and live in Chennai owing to both quality of education and affordable cost of living. Some of the major academic centers like IIT Madras, College of Engineering, Guindy, Madras Medical College, Stanley Medical College and Loyola can be found here. It is also host to a surplus of research institutes like CSIR, CLRI, IIIT-DM, IFMR, Kalakshethra and Adyar Cancer Institute.

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Everybody knows a sliver of English at least

And that means EVERYBODY. The plumber, the carpenter, your maid servant, your employer or employee will all be able to establish communication with you. ‘Late’, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thanks’ are part of Chennai vocabulary. The people are extremely accommodating and will sometimes go out of their way to understand you. Although to some it may seem over friendly, the people are actually trying to help and do not intend harm. Be it directions or enquires about food, the people are happy to help.

The never ending options for food

You will hear many complaints about those who reside in hostels about the food availability in Chennai. But truth is, Chennai is one city where vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are equally relished and appreciated.

We also enjoy Tandoori, Chinese, and Continental once in a while. And for those that crave a taste of their home towns in this far away land, go to Sowcarpet. Call it the mini Delhi of Chennai but it really does appeal to every Chennai-ite. Choose from Coffee day to Wang’s kitchen, Double Roti or Anjappar to get you good and sated.

The beautiful and scenic beaches


Who doesn’t like the beach? The cool and salty breeze that gently caresses your face and the foamy water that tingles at your feet are enough to cheer any soul up. Well, Chennai can do the thrice the magic with its magnificent display of three beaches. They are almost never free and you’ll have to setup camp on your own spot and guard it zealously. But when the waves crash and fall and you smell the salt in the water or watch the sun set deep into the sea, it all feels worth the effort. Not counting the amazing sundals and bajjis that you get at the beach, it truly is an experience in itself to be at one.

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Chennai is one of the safest cities according to a lot of surveys. Many women have confessed to being able to travel alone after hours on an everyday basis without impending fear and the city has markedly lesser number of harassment cases as compared to other cities. It is also one of the most tolerant cities and promotes cross cultural diversity.

So that’s that. You may not fall in love with Chennai the moment you set foot here. But you will slowly begin to appreciate all that this city has to offer. Amenities at every street corner and a safe haven for many people, it is a city that you will grow to be fond of and will dearly miss any time you are apart.

Chennai truly deserves to be ranked most preferred city in South India to live in.

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