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Chennai – Heading Towards Green Living

Green homes are said to be the homes of the future because they help in conserving energy and water which are very important factors in the future. Green homes are homes that are designed in such a way that the costs like electricity, water, maintenance are reduced substantially and have a much smaller environmental footprint than conventional homes. There are many advantages to green homes though they are a bit more expensive than normal homes.

Urban Tree Oxygen is a green township that is coming up in Perumbakkam, Chennai which is a developing hub for investors. Green homes in Chennai can be a wise investment because the help conserve water and electricity, which are a main concern in the city.

Water usage in a green home is reduced by usage of ultra low flow toilets, and low-flow sinks and showerheads. Power consumption is reduced due to the use of renewable energy resources, including solar power and energy-efficient appliances that help reduces power consumption by 50-60 percent. The layout of a green home is in such a way that there is maximum usage of natural light and air.

A house cannot get a green house rating just by conserving water and electricity but the builder should make sure there is passive architecture, optimal use of natural resources, recycling plant, proximity to public transport, restored landscape and minimised disturbance to the site during construction. There are various ratings for such projects which range from silver to platinum and they depend on various factors.

The higher the rating, the higher the construction cost. For a platinum-rated home, the increase in the construction cost would be mostly 5-10% while on the other hand for a silver or gold it may be 3-8%. While compared to normal house, the premiums to be paid on such green homes are comparatively more; but these premiums are usually recovered within 3-5 years due to the low maintenance and operating costs.

The people investing in green homes surely will be spending more than people buying a normal home, but they can definitely gain out of the same in long run. According to experts there will be an increase in the rent value of such homes but still they also provide space to be cautious about the same. Though green houses are of recent development in India, the awareness is spreading fast and the future holds lot of scope for it.

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