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Choose the right colour. Stay cool at homes in Chennai

The summer is here. It’s time to protect from the heat and stay cool. The main concern of summer is the rise electricity bills due to the high usage of air conditioners. A recent survey suggests that metropolis like Chennai can make use of lighter colour schemes to reduce the heat and apparently the electricity expenses. Just in case you are confused about this, please think about the colours you will prefer to wear in summer.

With the real estate industry in Chennai rapidly growing and flourishing with demands for new homes increasing on a daily basis, it’s necessary to understand and implement a perfect colour scheme. The lighter the colour, the cooler the home, says an expert. To make the homes in Chennai, paint the roofs white. Heat absorption will be less in light colours and thereby reducing the energy costs. A light grey shade is even better than lavender or green.

Homes in Chennai can make use of reflective coatings. These help to reduce the absorption of heat and are also known as cool roofs. The colours used inside homes can also save on energy costs. Dark walls absorb more heat and reflect less making your home hot and consuming more energy.

Architects, designers and builders agree to the fact that cool roofs are a better way to reduce the heat. Being always blamed as one of the hottest metros in India, Chennai is sure to be benefited with the cool roof technology. While choosing paint colours for interiors make sure it falls under the light and cool category.

Benefits of Cool Roofs or Reflective Coatings

  • Save electricity bills by reducing usage of air conditioners
  • Extend roof life and reduce roof maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Increase interior comfort in summer by reduction of infra-red conversion from visible light.
  • Reduce the ‘heat island effect’ known as a rise in temperature in certain metropolitan areas than its surrounding rural areas due to human activities.

All the above highlighted benefits are definitely a reason to choose light colours since it helps you to stay cool this summer and enjoy a less energy consumption. Stay bright in cool colours. Happy Summer!!!

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