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Cost of Living: Chennai vs Bangalore. Which is the best?

cost of living in india
Written by Team Urban Tree

Every city has its own charm and its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But the age-old debate for Chennai vs Bangalore never gets old. It still holds considerable weight to citizens who are planning to settle down. These are one of the most happening cities in South India and are employment hubs. Moving to a new city is always an exciting yet intimidating experience and one of the most important factors people look for is financial viability. Before you weigh down on which city is better to settle down. Let’s have a comparative analysis of the various factors that will influence your decision to settle down.

#1. Restaurant and food

Food plays a major role when it comes to expenses. Both the cities have an amazing array of restaurants and pubs to choose from. In Bangalore, there are more options to try out since it is more cosmopolitan than Chennai. However, the cost plays a big difference, in Bangalore you have to pay slightly extra compared to Chennai.

Types of Food Chennai Bangalore
Basic Fast Food
Combo (Average Cost)
₹120- ₹300 ₹150-₹350
Basic Meals with
₹100 – ₹250 ₹150-₹350
Cost of a Beer ₹150 ₹150

In Bangalore surprisingly the cost of alcohol is less compared to Chennai, which is one of the reasons why Bangalore is the perfect place for pub-hopping.

#2. Transportation

Both Bangalore and Chennai have an excellent transport system. Chennai slightly edges over Bangalore in this aspect as there are more options. Commuting is easier in Chennai due to the various options available to the residents. There are local trains and metro trains, giving people the flexibility, they need. In Bangalore bus transportation is still the main form of transportation, metro accessibility is limited to certain regions. However, there is not much difference between Bangalore and Chennai when it comes to fuel prices.

Transportation Chennai Bangalore
One-way Ticket Metro
(Average cost)
₹20 ₹30
Monthly Pass ₹1,000 ₹1500
Petrol(1 Liter) ₹75.71 ₹75.38

#3. Housing

Real estate is on the rise in the cities of Chennai and Bangalore as there are plenty of employment opportunities. Real estate properties are very much in demand as there is more and more influx of people in these cities. However, Chennai slightly trumps Bangalore in this segment due to the lesser cost involved in rental and purchase of new properties. In Bangalore, the average cost of rental property is significantly higher than in Chennai. Since most of the real estate property prices are dependant on the locality, the places near to employment hubs are significantly higher.

Housing Chennai Bangalore
Average Rental cost of
a one-bedroom
apartment inside the
cost (Approximate)
₹12,500 ₹15,000
Average Rental cost of
a one-bedroom
apartment in the
₹7,800 ₹8,900
Utilities for two people
(Including electricity
costs, gas, water and
₹1,600 ₹1,100

#4. Household Amenities and Grocery Cost

In terms of lifestyle, Bangalore has always been on the upper scale, this is because Bangalore is more cosmopolitan compared to Chennai. The standard of living for citizens who are living in Bangalore is also significantly high. This has paved the way for eminent brands to make their name in this city.

Groceries/Household amenities Chennai Bangalore
Milk 1 liter ₹43 ₹40
Basic Internet Connection (50 mbps or faster) ₹1,000 ₹1,200
Average cost of 1kg
₹38 ₹30
Average cost of 1kg
₹30 ₹25
Average cost of 1kg
₹25 ₹26

#5. Education and Childcare

Most of the families tend to prefer these cities as there are a number of reputed educational institutions in both cities. Due to immense demand, many of these pre-schools come with extraordinary fees. Childcare in both the cities are reasonable, but Bangalore edges over Chennai in this part.

Child care Chennai Bangalore
Pre-school and kindergarten – Full time
(Approximate fee)
₹4,300 ₹7,000
International Primary School ₹118,300 ₹165,200

#6. Sports, Utilities and Leisure

Since both the cities are highly cosmopolitan, there are a number of fitness clubs and gyms to indulge. The residents of both cities are highly health conscious and gym memberships are common. The theatre costs are slightly more expensive in Bangalore.

Sports & Leisure Chennai Bangalore
Gym membership
(average cost)
₹1,400 ₹1,600
Tennis Court/Basket
ball court rent
(one-hour cost)
₹500 ₹480
Theater ticket price
₹180 ₹290

Which is the better City to settle down?

From the above comparisons, we can clearly see that there is not much difference between the two Cities. However, it must be noted that Chennai on an average slightly fares better in certain aspects. Both the cities are expanding at a fast rate and this is due to the employment options available here. For long-term settlement, Chennai seems to be the better bet as the cost of living, coupled with excellent job opportunities makes it an attractive option for future home buyers.

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