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Create an Inviting Environment in Your Home

Written by Team Urban Tree

A house should be warm and inviting to anyone who enters it, be it the residents or visitors. For a house to be warm and inviting there are few little things to do done by the owners.

The first and foremost thing to do is have uncluttered space in the house so that the house does not look messy but rather looks clean and inviting. Having proper shelves and storage areas for things like newspapers and used clothes will make it easier for having an organised space in the house. A clutter free house will definitely provide more space and also prove to be inviting to people.

Utilisation of the space which is derived from having an organised home is the next big step to create a warm environment in the house. The rooms may have a lot of space but it is important to know how to properly plan out the furniture and other items to be placed in the room. For instance, the big furniture like sofas and tea tables can be placed in one side so that there is space on the other end for people to walk which will give them the effect of having more space in the room. The size of the room does not matter but it matters as to how properly the available space is utilised and proper balance is derived.

There are few other small things which can be done to make a house more homely and warm which primarily involves adding a personal touch to the house. The basic thing is that the house should reflect you, meaning the decor in the home should blend in with your outlook; be it traditional, contemporary or modern. All the furniture and decor used should be mostly of the same theme and should be blending in with each other. The usage of fragrance in the house is another thing which makes the house welcoming and creates a positive vibration in the house. Last but not the least; people should try having plants inside the house which will definitely make a lot of difference to the place as a whole.

These are just few tips to make a house more inviting and pleasant. Chennai is nowadays fast developing and many new apartments in Perumbakkam, OMR, Velachery and Porur are being constructed because of this development. People should give importance to properly spacing their homes to get the best out of their investments.

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