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Get summer ready with these 5 thrifty décor hacks

Get summer ready with these 5 thrifty décor hacks
Written by Team Urban Tree

Sun is up and the temperatures are soaring, Say Hello to Chennai Summers!

Residents of Chennai have already braced themselves for this oncoming extreme weather; AC’s are on full blast and ice cream becomes the staple meal for this season. With every passing year, summers in Chennai set a new record for being hotter than the previous year. While builders in Chennai are taking measures to summer proof houses in their new projects, there is still no relief from the blazing sun.

One should take the conscious effort to understand that electricity is scarce and expensive; air conditioners do not pose as a viable option for the long run. What can be done to ease the heat? The answer is simple, revamp your house and make it summer ready.

We give you 5 thrifty décor hacks that will help you survive the summer of 2017.

1. Revisit your sleeping essentials

Did you know changing your pillows can actually help you feel cooler in bed? Buckwheat pillows are your new best friend. These pillows are made out of Buckwheat fruit and are quite popular in Asian countries such as Japan. They provide a cooling effect as they allow constant air circulation, keeping the pillow dry and airy.

Consider changing your bedspreads to something more cotton-like this summer. Changing your upholstery can also bring about a major change as thick and dark upholstery materials make the room dark and sweaty while white cotton fabric will make it airy and lively.

2. Cut the clutter

Summer calls for lively and spacious living rooms. By removing excessive furniture you can give an illusion of having a bigger house. Work on the concept of ‘less is more’ while rearranging your furniture. Heavy furniture kept in closer proximity will create hot air traps, making the house hotter than usual. Invest some time in removing the clutter from your house. Devoid your floors of those thick fleece and rugs and replace them with floor mats if needed. Walking bare feet on cold floors helps to keep your body cool and calm.

3. Quirk up your space

This summer take up a DIY project with your kids or your spouse and paint your wall with white or light hues. This will be an exciting project for the family and will also help you revamp your house. Opting for pastel coloured walls helps in reflecting the heat and not absorbing it. So go ahead and start painting.

If you live in Villas in Chennai, the scope for a bigger veranda is more. You can cool these big spaces by making DIY air conditioners. Place a shallow bowl of ice cubes in fancy looking pots and expose them under the fan. This will cool down the surrounding air by creating a mist.

4. Make gardening your new found hobby

Luxury apartments in Chennai come with their own terrace gardens or kitchen gardens. You can make your own too. Plant a few plants in your kitchen area or balcony, the mud used in growing these plants act as a natural insulator. It absorbs the heat and cools down the surrounding air. This acts best when there is a strong, hot and dry summer wind blowing across your city, as it brings down the temperature and lets in fresh air.

Plants add colour and improve the appearance of the house too. These are often used as ornamental plants but offer plenty benefits.

5. Invest in a dehumidifier

It is wise to invest in a dehumidifier as Chennai is subjected to humid weather for a longer period. Summers in coastal regions such as Chennai are sultry and uncomfortable, making breathing difficult. A dehumidifier cools the area and tones down humidity. This is the best device to invest in during summers.


These  5 quick hacks will not only help you counter summer temperatures but will also give a better feel and appeal to your apartment in Chennai. Beat the heat without shelling a fortune on your house with these affordable hacks for a cooler summer.

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