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Different Types of Flooring

The budget has had a positive effect on real estate and the developers are hoping to build more luxury flats in Chennai. The focus towards building luxury flats in Chennai is because the demand for luxury homes has increased in the city and people want to have more spacious and luxurious homes that complement their high standard of living.

Floors play a very important role in the appearance of luxury homes. People must be careful as to choosing the type of flooring for the homes as there are many varieties of flooring available, each with their own pros and cons. The following are some floorings that can be used and their pros & cons.


Wooden flooring is a crowd favourite to get the desired luxurious and sophisticated look. Wooden floorings change the total appearance of a home but they are a bit more expensive. Wooden flooring is durable but if there is unsealed wood anywhere then the possibility of dust accumulation is more.

Stone – Granite, Marble, Limestone, Slate

They are very beautiful & colourful and add a vibrant touch to the homes. Stones in granite are very durable at the same time easy for maintenance as well. These stones are available in a variety of colours and designs. Stones definitely give a classy look but at times cleaning them may be a difficult task for instance marble will be damaged by chlorine and can absorb dirt wile limestone and slate collect dirt.


Tiles like mosaic are very easy to maintain and can be laid even in uneven surfaces. There is a huge variety of designs, patterns and colours available to choose from and they are highly affordable also. The only con is that if the quality of the tile is not good, the tiles may chip.


Vinyl floorings are inexpensive, durable, easy on the feet, quiet, water and stain resistant and low maintenance. They are also available in different patterns and designs. The major problem is that the glossy finish can become slippery with time unless it is regularly polished.


Carpets are very good in giving the sophisticated look for homes. They are warm and are available in different colours and designs. The main disadvantage is that it stains easily and cleaning can be a problem

These are the different types of floorings which can be used to provide a luxurious and sophisticated look to a home. Options for proper floorings are a plenty for people buying luxury flats in Chennai should they consider designing their homes.

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