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10 Cool Diwali Gift Ideas For This Festive Season

Written by Team Urban Tree

Diwali or Dipawali is India’s biggest and brightest festival among all, where victory of good over evil is celebrated and marked by fireworks, lighting, sweets and shopping. It is also time of the year, where clay lamps (Diyas) are lit outside the house to invite goddess Lakshmi and seek divine blessing from her for wealth. People staying away come back and spend fun-filled time with their family. Hindu people mark next day of Diwali as a new financial year and wish everybody happy New Year.


However, Diwali in not just limited to Hindu people, almost all religion embrace this festival with love and warmth. It is most awaited and lavishly celebrated festivals here, where exchanging gifts is a tradition. The idea behind exchanging gift is to express love, bonding, affection, appreciation and to spend time with each other. People feel great by conveying good wishes, blessing and respect for their dear ones through Diwali gifts. But today, this tradition has grown to new heights, where exchanging gifts with friends, colleagues, neighbours, and business associates has kind off become mandatory. So, if you haven’t started your Diwali gift shopping year or if are looking for great Diwali gift ideas, here is you guide:

10 Cool Diwali Gifts Ideas:

Artifacts Gifts – Artifacts are such beautiful gifts that not only adorn the place where they are kept but also add sweet lifetime memories for your loved ones. Artifacts gifts are artistic inspired so are liked by all and there cannot be a better reason to offer these gifts after entire house is cleaned for Diwali. Some of cool Artifacts gifts include multi-coloured vase, tea pot, sculptures, timepieces, wooden frames, handicrafts etc.

Personalized Signature Jewellery – Giving personalized signature jewellery is a meaningful way of adding personal touch to your gift. Many jewellery and art shops do this crafting of handwritten piece on necklace, ring bracelets and other ornaments. All you need to do is scan the handwritten message or name of the person you want to gift the jewel and send it across the jewellery designer. These are amazing signature jewellery without being heavy on pocket.

Prosperous Diwali Hampers – Diwali being a celebration of prosperity and joyfulness, it would be great to explore some awesome Diwali gifts hampers that include Ganesha Idol, Chocolates, Dry fruits and some sweets. You will come across huge range of gift hampers for Diwali, so make sure you choose the best for your loved ones according to what they prefer.

Personal Care Gifts – This festival is also about looking best. It is time to pamper you skin and feel great about it. Giving away personal care products that are hand-made and 100% natural can bring a huge smile on your dear ones face. These days’ personal care products are not just limited to women; even men have great choice of pampering products, so choose wisely to make your gift unique and memorable.

Home Decor Gifts – Visiting somebody with handful of home decor gifts will make your visit perfect and exclusive for Diwali. Home decor gifts can vary from Wall decor to tableware, home accents, hand crafted arts, lamps and many other than can add soothing effects to a home. Such gifts are remembered and cherished for lifetime!

Exclusive Diyas – Although Diwali is known as festivals of lights, lighting diyas during this festival is an age old tradition. Instead of using the old patterned clay made diyas, you can gift your guest these exclusively designed diyas made with marble, pearls, candle style, terracotta and other fancy diyas to make their home appealing and attractive.

All-Natural Scented Candles – Gone are those days when Candles where only used to light out houses, today they help us relax and rejuvenate. Candles with gentle aroma can be a perfect compliment for a romantic evening, a good read and to lift up mood. Because candles create a sense of intimacy for people basking on its glow, they make a great choice of gift for that special person in your life. Check out for hand-made and 100% natural scented candles to avoid harmful impurities.

Laxshmi and Ganesha Idols – Laxshmi Puja is one of the most important rituals done during Diwali, which invites goddess Laxshmi at home. While Laxshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, Ganesha brings happiness and intelligence. Gift Laxshmi and Ganesha Idols to your loved ones, so that the coming year brings peace, wealth and prosperity.

Bunch of Essential Oils – After preparing loads of sweets and fried indulgences, all ladies out there definitely need to de-stress and relax. For that special lady in your house, you must get a bunch of essential oils that are used for aromatherapy. It won’t hurt if you give them a nice massage as well. Try your hands on lavender, lemon, peppermint and sandalwood essential oil for a wonderful gift.

Gym and Spa Voucher – No doubt meeting our friends and family is fun, but in-taking lot of fried and sweet food act as a dampener on our fitness plans. Boxes and boxes of edible gifts push you to unhealthy path that you might be avoiding for all year. It’s time to think about health and wellness of our dear ones. Gym and spa voucher can just do the trick of re-brining their health to priority.

Diwali is a great festival to express love and admiration for our loved ones. Make most of Diwali 2016 by celebrating it in an eco-friendly manner and sending best Diwali gifts that denotes heartfelt good wishes.

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