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8 DIY Decor Ideas For Birthday Parties At Home

birthday party ideas at home
Written by Team Urban Tree

This could probably be the only day when you cried and your mother smiled. It is obviously the day when you were born. Over the years it has become a tradition celebrate this day every year and the reasons could be unnumbered.  Birthday celebrations have gained significance over the years, largely because it serves as an event to bring together your close acquaintances and the like.

Likewise, when it comes to birthdays, you don’t always want to spend an arm and a leg on decorations because the other expenses are unavoidable. Also, maybe it is because you want something more customized and special to celebrate a loved one. Whatever may be the case, a bit of DIY work could get the festivities started off on the right foot and put the guests in a state of awe. So here are 8 easy DIY birthday decor ideas that practically anyone can pull off for any type of celebration!

#1. Bendable Tails

Balloons are an integral part of any birthday décor. The sad fact is that they have become pretty monotonous. But you cannot neglect them too, can you? So, why not up to the ante by bringing in some innovation to the usual ‘not so interesting’ balloons!

Mild steel wires could be a great idea to annex bendable tails to your balloons.

With mild steel wire instead of twines or threads, try anything from basic patterns be it the name or age of the birthday kid. You could try out an infinite number of patterns, the sky is the limit! A fun fact is that you could fasten cute photos of the birthday kid to the end of these wires that will leave your guests more engaged.

#2. Photo Faces

Here is an amazing opportunity for you to drop a bombshell on your guests and stir smiles on their faces. Let go of the traditional paper garlands that garnish your walls. A quirky way to do the same more effectively would be to add photos of your beloved one’s and jazz things up. The party hats on these little faces really make them extra adorable. Also don’t forget that these could turn out as a potential photo booth for your guests. These could also be used as cake toppers with the aid of a straw or a wafer stick.


In doing so make sure your guests are pinching those cheeks and not the cake.

#3. Tissue Paper Flowers

Are you someone who is a huge fan of scented flowers? Your natural instincts would trigger you to adorn your walls with colourful florets. Real flowers are pretty, but they’re expensive and don’t last. For a budget-friendly alternative, doll up the party space with non-perishable tissue paper blooms that you can DIY in a jiffy. Another perk of using tissue paper flowers is that you could easily get something like a turquoise coloured paper, but finding a flower of the same kind is rare & expensive. Bottom line is that use your resources well!

#4. Disco Ball Pinata

Are you someone who runs out of gas when you have to pitch in ideas for your father’s or uncle’s birthday? Flaunting those oversized balloons or vibrant ribbons may not be a good idea. For some occasions, more is more when it comes to sparkle and festivity. One such event would be ’70s baby’s birthday celebration.

Disco has always been an integral part of their generation. On their special day, you could probably take them down the memory lane. So why not craft a DIY disco ball piñata that will have your guests hooray’ing and ahh’ing.

#5. Chalkboard Cake Bunting

Cakes are obligatory in any birthday marking. You could plan yours in a finer fashion with the aid of cupcakes. They are a sign of the new gen and could also leave your guests finger licking.

Nothing adds charm to a dessert table more than sweet bunting tucked into a cake or cupcake display. Add more aesthetics to your event using this facile DIY décor idea.

#6. Photo Stacks

Here is another great idea to celebrate the birthday of that 70s’ or 80’s born kid in your family. Probably the coolest way of engaging your guests would be to keep them glued to the wall piled with the birthday kid’s photos. Why not scale it a bit, using a stack of photos that would eventually end up showing the age of the ‘birthday kid’. A fancy way to go back in time right?

#7. Covered Ceiling

Whatever said and done, balloons are always cute and you simply cannot ignore them at an event. A cloud of balloons is always a mesmerizing sight to humans of all ages. Cover your roof with radiant balloons that leave your guests awestruck.

#8. Backlit Mesh

Do you want to organize a night party but at the same time running out of ideas for good décor? Well here is one.  Add in a few twinkling lights, and a tulle table skirt becomes truly magical. Who doesn’t like a well lit night!

Hope you got few valuable DIY ideas for any birthday party at your home.

Cheers to the birthday baby in your family!

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