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10 Top DIY Decor Ideas to Spruce up Your Home Interiors

Written by Team Urban Tree

Who doesn’t want a beautiful house, and an elegant exterior along with a colorful and aesthetic interior? While there is limited scope to attempt many changes to the exterior of a house, we are able to play with the interiors as much as we want. As they say, home interiors are but a reflection of who we are. Here is a space that allows us to give an expression to our taste and our sense of aesthetics. Some of us, who wish to give wings to our creativity to enhance our home interiors, can choose the DIY (Do It Yourself) mode. But, to actually identify DIY projects that are easily implementable, one would need the help of a few tips and ideas. So, here are ten DIY ideas to spruce up your home interior.

#1 Decorative plates on the wall

Every household has few plates with colorful designs or several old ceramic plates of different sizes that are no longer in use. Take a few plain white or single color plates and paint them with simple designs using your imagination. The designs could be simple leaves and flowers or even geometric designs. 5 to 8 plates is a good number which can be fixed appropriately to an interior wall in any desired pattern. This can make for an attractive wall decoration design. Large plates can also be hand painted and hung singly on the wall.

#2 Key holder made from old photo frame

Take an old picture frame preferably a decorative one. Remove the glass or perspex. On the top horizontal part of the frame, affix small stainless steel hooks, about half an inch apart, and hang this frame on the wall with the help of supporting screws or nails. This frame can now be used as a decorative key holder for car keys, garage keys, and any other keys that are normally left in drawers. The key holder provides easy access to keys and also enhances the look of the wall.

#3 Thermocol cutouts with decorative LED lights

Thermocol is commonly used as packaging and some odd pieces and panels are generally available in most households. Some interesting shapes can be drawn with pencil on the thermocol and then can be cutout using an appropriate cutting instrument. Those who cannot draw pictures or good shapes can use pictures from magazines and stick it on thermocol. Cutout can then be made by cutting through the outline of the picture. The cutout shape or picture may be painted in a bright color. Flexible LED strips, which are easily available in the market, can now be attached to the thermocol cutout at the periphery. This cutout can be hung on a wall near an electrical socket to power the LED. This decoration may be switched on in the evenings to brighten up the wall and the interior as well.

#4 Aloe Vera plants in study

Green plants have a quality to not only brighten up a space but also give it a soothing environment. Aloe Vera plants have excellent medicinal properties and can even remove toxins from the air. This can be grown in very small flower pots. Any other green plants can also be used which have low maintenance and don’t need frequent watering. The small flower pots can be placed in the study, in the balcony or in any other appropriate interior space.

#5 Painted old glass bottles

We all have old glass bottles of different size and shapes in our homes. Depending upon the space available on a large shelf or a sideboard, take 2 to 4 glass bottles and paint them in bright colors using your creativity. Appropriate pictures or shapes may also be painted on the glass bottles. Apart from glass bottles, tin cans or plastic containers may also be used. For a heightened decorative effect, small LED lights may be inserted inside the bottles.

#6 Store Detergents in Attractive Glass Jars

Detergents are normally stored in large plastic containers in most households. Very often cupboards don’t have space and detergent containers are placed on top of cupboards, which does not make for a good sight. Instead, if you choose an attractive glass jar to store detergents, it can enhance the look of the interior space.

#7 Painted Rock Pebbles

On terraces and balcony, we often use pebbles to define a pathway or a ground space. Rock pebbles are also placed in pots or containers. These rock pebbles can be painted in bright colors to give an attractive look. White pebbles can also be mixed with the colored pebbles to create good contrast and enhance the look further.

#8 Collage of Tiles on Exterior Wall

Talking of terrace and balcony, the look of its wall can be enhanced by creating a collage of wall tiles. After any tiling work in the house, several tiles are left over. These tiles can be got cut to appropriate size and stuck to the wall in a good looking pattern. If attractive and decorative tiles are available, then even the entrance wall can be decorated with a well conceptualized collage or a design. The tiles may be fixed to the wall directly or on a wooden panel depending upon the overall size of the collage.

#9 Shelf near the Ceiling

A small shelf can be created near the ceiling in the kitchen or in the study room. We can place items of utility or small curios on this shelf.

#10 Paint Aquarium Glass

Many households have an aquarium made of plain glass. The glass can be creatively painted in colors to make it look brighter and attractive. Different shapes of fish and other sea creatures may also be painted on the glass panels of the aquarium.

The DIY project that you do may not be as well finished as the decoration pieces that are available in the market. But, DIY projects give us a sense of satisfaction and an emotional attachment because we accomplish them with our own hands, using our own creativity and imagination. So, use some of these DIY ideas and don’t hesitate to spruce up your interiors all by yourself.


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