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DIY Ideas to Fix Roof Leaks During Rainy Season

DIY Ideas to Fix Roof Leaks During Rainy Season
Written by Team Urban Tree

A leaky roof is an issue anytime, but during the rainy season, this could prove to be more menacing and difficult to cope up. If left unchecked without properly fixing, your leaky roof could not only cause you irritation but also take up ugly shapes to even damage your building. Leaky roofs are not something new. People often find themselves amid such a situation. It can be managed efficiently by following certain reliable strategies. It is a good idea to have a leaky roof thoroughly examined and staunched. After all, a stitch in time saves nine. 

A few General Steps to be Taken Immediately During a Roof Leak

The first step while dealing with a roof leak is safeguarding your possessions and clearing the area for conducting repair work. Dry out the area to the extent possible. Having performed these basic things, you are all set to tackle your leaky roof. 

Now, the key factor that helps handle the leaky roof is identifying the cause of the problem. Roof leaks call for urgent attention. Even if you face roof leak during heavy rains only, if left unchecked, it may lead to major damage. Spotting the source of the leak is of paramount importance.

1. Check out the vulnerable spots

Skylights, chimney, ice dams, furnace shingles, missing shingles, and plumbing vent flashing are the most likely spots that cause a roof leak. During wet weather, identifying the place of the leak is essential. In addition to these leak-hot spots, a roof that has worn out may also leak, necessitating a complete overhaul.

It is not necessary that leaks originate just above the place where dripping occurs on your ceiling. Starting with the attic to look for the exact spot is a good idea. The spot through which sun rays pass through will indicate the issue. Alternatively, watering the roof helps to locate where dripping goes through.

2. Emergency Measures for Roof- Leak Repair

Leak that emerges from showers can be taken care of by covering the leaky area on the roof with plastic sheeting. The sheeting can be stapled and nailed along the eaves, in a way that covers the entire leaky area.

3. Temporary Repairs to Handle Roof Leaks.

Having identified the leaky spots, you may climb to the roof with materials such as tar and flashing, along with nails and hammer. This way of fixing a leak is only a temporary remedy.

Effective Ways to Fix a Leaky Roof

1. Fixing the Leaks in Roofing Shingle

Locating the missing and bent-back shingles and replacing them with new ones will resolve the problem of leakage caused by the shingles. 

2. Replacing Collars and Flashings 

When pipes happen to be the cause of a leaking roof, checking the collars and flashings and replacing the required ones will provide relief. Broken flashing having cracks could be the culprit that needs to be changed. 

3.  Sealing the Valleys Properly

The area where your roof’s two planes join together—the valleys, when not sealed together properly—causes the rainwater running down the roof to get inside. This issue has to be handled by professionals. The remedial measure is laying a leak barrier along the valley. Shingling the top will seal it.

4. Cracked Vent Booting Must be Repaired

Roof vents are small pipe-like fixtures that stick out of your roof’s top. These are used for expelling excess water from the inside of your house. The flashing in the rubber boot that is slipped tightly over the location where this pipe juts out of the roof might be broken, leading to leak. 

Remove the rubber that is placed around the vent, break the seal on the connecting shingles, and fix new rubber boot. Use roofing nails to secure the new boot and caulk to seal it to the new flashing.

5. Improper Installation of Skylights must be Set Right

Leak from such an issue will be easy to spot. Clear debris, if any, off the skylight, check for cracks in the window, and seal cracks with a layer of clear silicone. Check to flash surrounding the spot and replace, if needed.

6. Cloggy Gutters Need to be Cleared

If you find leaves sticking out of the roof gutter, it is time to get there and collect and wrap up the debris for disposal.

7. Cracked Chimney May Have to be Repaired 

The area around the chimney top may show signs of wear and tear along the mud cap or in the mortared portion. Holes might have developed in the mortared joints at the place where the roof and the chimney meet. Even loose shingles or flashing in that area may be the reason for a leaky roof. The missing mortar needs to be replaced. This sometimes requires professional help. 

8. Ice Dam Buildup Must be Removed

Ice forming at the edge of your roof may prevent water from draining off. Roof rake can be used for removing snow and ice. Ice melt products may be used for preventing this issue.

Key Takeaway It is essential to take remedial measures the moment you notice a leaky roof. If left uncared for long, the components of your building structure such as the drywall could crumble. Finding the leaky spot and staunching it is imperative.

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