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Does Go-Green Concept Cost More?

While developing a city it is always essential to understand as to how cost-effective methods can be integrated to the development of infrastructure. Most of the times, the major reason for environmental degradation and depletion of earth’s natural resources is the lack of proper planning.

With increase in migrating population in the IT hubs of Chennai, there is a rise in residential projects. Among many other challenges, the major one is to construct energy-efficient buildings which will reduce the impact on environment and available resources.

An increase in awareness among the builders and residents to opt for green buildings has paved in creating green homes and townships in metros and tier II cities like Chennai. Experts say that green buildings are costlier by around 5 – 15% compared to a conventional project and the same can be redeemed in a time of not less than five years.

Compared to existing homes green buildings have additional expenses. The cost is mainly allocated to renewable energy fittings, additional design methodology, building materials, green building certification, water management system and operation and maintenance. The renewable energy structures will pay rich dividends in a time period of about 15 years.

Ecological design usually costs more, especially for vast areas. But solicitous architectural design can considerably reduce the cost. For small projects like private homes, the additional cost for low-energy consumption is less, as the overall design is conceived at earlier stages with these considerations in mind.

Urban Tree’s Oxygen is a perfect solution for those who want to migrate from conventional homes to an eco-friendly green township. Connect with us to know more about how a green home can transform your lifestyle while benefitting nature in the long run.

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