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Don’t Delay When Investing In Real Estate! Know Why Here

Written by Team Urban Tree

Looking for a right time to invest in Real estate? Now is the time as real estate market is seeing a drastic rise in demand for reasons such as rise in population, sparse area, immigration of people from other states and countries. Here are 6 compelling reasons why you should purchase now!

1. Consistent hike in the price of properties


When you look at the market trends, the growth of real estate is consistently escalating.  For example, Bengaluru has recorded a growth of more than 10% in last few years. This is an  indicating fact that investing in the right property without any further delay would double the value in two or three years.

2. No rental payments

Instead of spending too much of amount in paying the rent for your home, you can actually invest in a real estate and in turn pay the Home loan EMI for it. It will be a lifetime investment and it surely benefits you more than paying for the rented homes.

3. Plenty of available options


There are abundant choices in the real estate market currently, since it is the peak market time. So it is strongly suggested to buy a property of your convenience without delaying since either they might get sold out or the price may increase in a short span of time.

4. Growth of new IT parks


As this is an era of Information Technology and places alongside major industrial corridors and IT parks are expected to witness a rise in the value of property. Every year the number of IT firms seems to increase in a constant rate. Hence, the population in cities will increase and investing in the right property will be a great asset since the property might fetch you either double profit when sold or good rental returns.

5. A Tangible asset


This holds a significant importance in several cases.  Contrary to old times, where owning a  house marked a definite landmark in one’s life, young investors can now enjoy the benefits of a tangible asset pretty early in their lives. In most of the cases, the investors’ end up paying an EMI which is only slightly more or almost equal to the rent they would be paying. So, investing in a property leaves them with an added benefit of actually residing in their own place without the hassle of dealing with fussy landlords.

6. A huge tax remission


Investing in a real instate will save you from paying money for the taxes. As everyone knows, exemption of tax in any way is a big relief and a penny saved now is worth more in future. A home loan interest up to INR 1, 50,000 and principal amount of INR 1, 00,000 are eligible for tax breaks every year.
So why wait anymore? We, at urban tree, care about customers more than anything else. Ping us to know more about investments and properties or visit :

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