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8 Easy Tricks That Will Make Any Room Look Bigger

Bigger Rooms
Written by Team Urban Tree

Space is a major constraint, as cities become bigger our living spaces becomes more and more constrained. The majority of the population prefer living in apartments as they are cost-effective and requires less maintenance. The downside is that these small rooms could be confining and make the residents totally uncomfortable. However, there are a few easy tricks that will make any room look bigger. One can use these following design concepts that could trick the eye and make the interiors look much more spacious. We will be covering the arrangement of furniture, smart lighting systems and various colour techniques. We sincerely hope you love these concepts.

#1. Clear the Clutter

A small space can feel very cramped if there are too many things stuffed inside. A cluttered room means there will be less space for you to move around. Keep your room well-arranged and tidy. Wall decorations will add depth to your home, but please ensure that you don’t cover the walls with a lot of pictures. If there are too many pictures and designs on your wall it might make the room feel crowded. When you are decorating the room please ensure you get a focal point, one specific area or a feature that will draw the attention of people. In the bedroom,your bed will be the focal point and in the dining room, the dining table will be the main point. Remove large rugs as they will create an illusion of more room.Clear The Clutter

#2. Use light colour contrasts to brighten up your room

Generally lighter colours will make the room look bigger and brighter. Colours with darker tones tend to absorb light making the room slightly smaller. In order to give a balanced outlook, use soft tunes of white, blue and green. This will make the rooms much brighter, bigger and more inviting. This will give extensive depth to your small room and make it seem bigger.Brighten Up Your Room

#3. Add more reflective surfaces

Not everyone appreciates the look of a mirrored wall, but it definitely makes the room larger. You can preferably use a large framed mirror on the wall to get the same effect as a mirrored wall. The advantages with mirrors are that they reflect both natural and artificial light which will make the room bigger and brighter during the day as well as night. Placing the mirrors near the windows would be more effective as it will reflect the external lights giving a more open feel. If you are lacking the space you can use mirrored cabinets to make the area feel larger.Reflective Surfaces

#4. Cut off the drapes and rugs cluttering your space

Similar to the mirrors tricking the eye, curtains and drapes stop the eyes from viewing the outside world. Drapes and curtains make the room feel cluttered. If you are seeking privacy please go for lightweight mesh or shutters.Drapes And Rugs Cluttering

#5. Scale down the furniture

Furniture for small spaces always requires the right proportions. If the furniture brushes up against the walls of the room, then it is considered large for the room. To make the room look bigger, leave some space between the sides of the furniture and the walls. Please avoid heavy furniture, as they will eat up a lot of place in your living room. If you are considering to add a piece of art, you can just hang it on the wall, rather than stocking upspace on the floor.Scale Down The Furniture

#6. Use minimalistic fabrics

You can maximize the area in your constricted room by employing reflective lightweight fabrics. This will also accentuate the open, airy feeling in the apartment. Its advisable to avoid heavy materials and fabrics that absorb light and make your room look clunky. Among lightweight materials, you can opt for Linen as it is bound to increase the flow of air in your room.Use Minimalistic Fabrics

#7. Utilizing the vertical space to make your room look larger

When it comes to small rooms, you might not have that much floor-space and at these times its better to think vertical. By using the walls lining up the ceiling, you can manage the room more efficiently, making the room seem larger. Fix built-in shelves that will extend from the floor to the ceiling as they are a great way to get storage space and add visual space to your room. You can also create an illusion of built-ins with bookcases and shelving units that would be tall enough to reach the ceiling and hang on separate wall shelves to fill the place.Utilizing The Verticle Space

#8. Arrange your furniture for maximum space

Furniture eats up the maximum area in a living room. You can avoid this by using multi-functional furniture such as a sofa which could also function as a bed or a bed with drawers for storage underneath. Foldable carts and foldable chairs can be used so that they can be tucked away when you don’t require them. If you have large furniture you can push them against the walls to create more space. Most importantly place your furniture away from the pathways as it will obstruct movement inside the room.Arrange Furniture For Maximum Space

Small rooms require planning, the more the furniture, the more it will feel cluttered. Avoid overwhelming colours and limit the decorations on the wall. By following the afore-mentioned rules you can decorate even a small space and not feel cramped up. You will have adequate space to suit all your needs.

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