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Easy Ways to Say ‘No’ to Plastics At Home

say no to plastic use
Written by Team Urban Tree

Plastic, a substance so deeply embedded to our lifestyle, that in spite of thousands of papers and researches stating the ill effects of it, we just couldn’t separate from it.

The process that is used to produce plastics produces a material called polypropylene, which is not available naturally. And that is why it is extremely hard for nature to break it down. Hence plastics stay on the earth for a long time, causing havoc along the way to the flora and fauna along the way.

How much ever one tries to avoid it, but somehow, it sneaks its way in our homes in one way or the other. We are so used to the very idea of plastic that it is nearly impossible to avoid it permanently and completely. But there are alternatives, practical ones at that, which will help you take the beginning steps towards a ‘plastic-free’ world. Change begins at home, so

Here are a few easy ways to avoid plastics at home:

#1. Plastic Cutlery

Some of the biggest contributors of plastic waste are the small eating-drinking cutlery, that is available almost everywhere and used by everyone. Avoiding them is the easiest and their alternatives are easily available. Some of the most toxic ones are:


Wherever you find a drink of any sorts, straws are available there in abundance. Even at homes, we keep straws, just in case, don’t we? These are one of the most toxic items of the planets and easiest to avoid too. All you have to do is, not use it! It’s that simple. Even without the straw, there are many other ways to get your drink in your mouth and it really doesn’t serve any other purpose whatsoever.

Water Bottles:

Apart from the plastic water bottles sold in shops, every house has those ‘Tupperwares’ or similar alternatives for water bottles. Ask yourself. Are they necessary? With the availability of steel and mud bottles, at a much cheaper rate, these can be easily avoided. Think about it.


Every house has some plastic plates and spoons for travel purposes, or for times when you’re too lazy to wash the dishes. Guys, steel spoons are very easy to wash, and paper plates are easily available in many shops. Go for them

Every house has some plastic plates and spoons for travel purposes, or for times when you’re too lazy to wash the dishes. Guys, steel spoons are very easy to wash, and paper plates are easily available in many shops. Go for them!

#2. Single-Use Plastics

The one property that makes plastic so dangerous is that some of them are barely used once and are thrown away to live on forever. These items are the real reason for the plastic issue is on the rise. The above-mentioned straws and spoons also make the cut and apart from those, yet another commonly used items are the plastic bags.

In spite of many bans and rules imposed, they somehow find their way in our hands. It is only used to carry regular day to day items, and once it is used, they are thrown away and are consumed by animals, which again is highly toxic for them.

This is yet another thing that can be easily controllable if we have the will to do it. One cloth bag. That’s it. Keep one cloth bag handy and carry it whenever you go anywhere, even if you step out without the intention of buying anything. Similarly, keep a bag in your car and bike to meet any sudden needs.

#3. Plastic toothbrushes

While making the home plastic-free, this is something that is always overlooked. Like, who can think about the toothbrush that you use only twice a day for a few minutes will end up being toxic.

Yes, if you haven’t noticed this already, your toothbrush is plastic, maybe even its bristles. What can you do about it? Well, there is a very simple way to go around this issue.

Wooden straws! Wooden straws are easily available online and in stores at a price as less as Rs. 60. That is much cheaper than many plastic ones you get in the market. So, are you ready to switch?

#4. Small Accessories

Bigger changes are easy to implement, but it’s the small ignorable things that are hard to spot and change. These things are bought with the intent to use, and not many people think of it as plastic items at first glance. They include things like, ice cube trays, kitchen storage boxes, plastic phone covers, remote covers, board game pieces, and so many more. They might be hard to replace, but alternatives are available if you look for it.

#5. Maintain a Disposable Kit:

A 100% avoidance of plastic is impossible. But the bigger threats can easily be put under controlled. Keep a disposable kit in your home. In case there are situations where you are forced to use plastic bags, straws or cups, just put them in the bag after use and dispose of it in the right way.

The environmental threat is increasing, and many scientists and researchers have warned against its ill effects. These small steps, may or may not prevent the big calamity, but they definitely will slow down the process and make the world a fresher and a better place to live in.

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