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Efficient Ways to use Cooking Ingredients for Cleaning Your Home

how to keep house clean and neat by using cooking ingredients
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Owning a home brings with it a large share of maintenance tasks. No matter how well maintained your house is it is bound to get dirty. While there are some parts of your house (primarily the kitchen and bathroom) which gets dirty more quickly, other parts also need periodic cleaning for them to stay presentable and hygienic.  Having said that, house cleaning also has a certain science involved with it. Right from the choice of the cleaning agent to the wipes, everything needs to be selected with care for a perfect result. Here, we would deal with some cleaning agents that you find in your kitchen racks, and by using these effective agents, you would be avoiding the expense of buying costly chemicals from the nearby shops. Now, without prolonging the thrill any further, let us get started.

Tip #1: Glass Cleaning with Cider Vinegar

For decades now, vinegar has found a place on the kitchen shelves of Indians. But Cider Vinegar, which is known for its weight loss benefits, is also a great glass cleaning agent. Glasses on the exteriors as well as the interiors seem to accumulate most dust at any given time. Cider vinegar will help you clean the dust and restore the shiny flawless look of glasses and mirrors. You have to use some rubbing alcohol and orange oil, alongside the cider vinegar, to prepare the perfect glass cleaning solution. Pour the solution in a sprayer. Later spray the cleaner on a soft cloth and run through the glass. It would be clean as new!

Tip #2: Wall Stain removal with Baking Soda

Paintings and marks on the walls are a common sight for homes with kids. Now, removing these stains can be a very tiresome task. But there is baking soda, a cleaning agent that is widely used in most Indian households which can make your task simpler.  So, to clean the walls smeared with markers and color pencils just take a moist, soft cloth and sprinkle little baking soda over it. With some swipes, you will find that the marks would vanish. (NOTE: Best results can be witnessed when the cleaning is done soon after the marks are made.)

Tip #3: De-clog the Drain with Vinegar and Baking Soda

Clogged drains can be a big problem for the homeowners. No matter how hard you try, with all the solid, fluid and semisolid waste passing through them, they are bound to clog now or later. But the solution to the clogging problem lies within your kitchen. As soon as you find a problem with water passing through the drain, just send half a cup of baking soda through it. Wait for a minute and then send another half cup of vinegar through. Cover the mouth of the drain with a moist cloth and wait for 5 minutes. After that, you may flush out the agents with water. You will inevitably find that the clogging problem has vanished.

Tip #4: Restore the Shine of Copper Pots with Ketchup

Yes, you read it right – we mean ‘Ketchup’ as in French Fries and Ketchup!  Most of you might not know that it is a great cleaning agent for copper items. With repeated use, the copper pots and utensils start accumulating grime and dirt. Normal dish cleaning liquids are not enough to completely clean the copper utensils. Use some drops of ketchup on the copper utensil, wait for some minutes and then wash it with water. You will find that the copper utensils have regained their lost shine.

Tip #5: Use Walnut to remove Scratches from Wooden Furniture

Given the health benefits of dry fruits, walnuts are today readily available in any Indian kitchen. They can be used to cover up the ugly scratches that your wooden furniture might have picked up. Remove the hard shell of this nut and rub the interior on the damaged area of furniture. You will find that the scratch can be hardly seen!

Tip #6: Clean the Microwave Interiors with Lemon

A piece of lemon that you have used thus far in various recipes and for the refreshing lemon juice can become the best cleaning agent for your microwave. The grime settled within the microwave you use all through the day, is not easy to clean. But if the grime is allowed to stick around, it can completely damage the microwave. So, just use a cut piece of lemon and a bowl of clean water to clean it fresh. Place these in the microwave and then run the appliance until you see steam inside. Wait for another 15 minutes before opening the door. When you finally open the door, use a soft cloth to easily clean up the precipitation of grime from the interior walls of the microwave.

Tip #7: Remove stains from Wooden Counter-tops with Table Salt

Table salt is not just meant for improving the taste of dishes. It can be used as a cleaning agent too. Counter-tops are used extensively in the kitchen to keep food, during the preparation of food, as chopping boards, etc. It is no wonder that they quickly go on to form stains and have a stinking smell (from all the food particles sticking around). These can be easily removed with the help of table salt. Just take a cloth, apply some table salt and then rub hard to remove all the stains and food particles.

As you can see, effective cleaning of your home does not have to be a costly affair. With the use of these cooking ingredients for cleaning you can not only get a clean house but reduce your cleaning costs too.

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