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Exercises That You Can Do at Your Work Desk to Relieve Pain

desk exercises at work to relive pain
Written by Team Urban Tree

‘I work out every day’, ‘I sincerely attend my Yoga classes every morning’, ‘Exercise at my work desk? Dude, that’s going to be super awkward’, any of these on your mind?

You might feel that working out once in the morning/evening would be enough to keep your body healthy, but that is not the case. Sitting for hours together at one place causes your muscles to tense up and harms your health. Please understand that you might be unknowingly ill-treating your body and inviting some chronic illness.

Remember, a 60-minute workout in the gym can nowhere compare to the amount of stress that you’re putting on your body during your 8-hour desk job. From the way you sit to how you hold your phone to how far you’re from your monitor to how you hold your hand while you type or how you sleep over your desk, everything, EVERYTHING has an effect on your bones, joints and muscles.

It’s time you do something to ward off future illnesses that might attack you. This video contains 10 simple exercises that you can actually do sitting in your place to ease your joints from head to toe. DON’T EVER FEEL AWKWARD TO TRY THESE, IF YOU DO SO, REMEMBER, YOU’RE DOING ONE OF THE WORST THINGS YOU CAN EVER  DO TO YOUR BODY.

Keep a reminder on your phone to keep doing these exercises at regular intervals. After all, to help you live the life of your dreams, all you have is your body and you ought to protect it in ways that you can. Watch the video here.

Take care of your health. Choose to walk out for lunch once a week and skip eating at your desk. Work back on your routines. While on your phone, get up and walk for some time. Simple changes like these are what is your body needs. Happy working!

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