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What do home buyers want in 2017?

Expectation of Modern Homebuyers
Written by Team Urban Tree

The expectations of home buyers are constantly changing. In metros such as Chennai, property values are fast increasing and the real estate market seems a positive market to invest in. Clients are becoming further aware of the changes and trends and look towards making well-informed decisions. Let us take a look at some of the most common expectations of home buyers in Chennai.

What do home buyers want

Clients are increasingly becoming more and more aware and well-informed. Home buyers in Chennai look for various amenities that provide comfort and convenience. Most homes have in them different modern facilities that reduce the work of housekeeping. The purchasing ability is also steadily increasing leading to a better standard of living and quality of life.

The location is high on the checklist of a prospective home. Many homebuyers prefer to purchase a property closer to work and school to reduce their commute time.

House scouting is being taken up keeping in mind the proximity of the place to fulfill daily needs. It is worth noting that location also determines the value of the property.

Lifestyle is a major influence in setting expectations. Today, apartments need to have a fully functioning gymnasium, kids play area, walking passage, piped gas line among other facilities. Home buyers are willing to pay maintenance costs to ensure that they need not look for domestic help and other such requirements. They are willing to shell out the money in return for the convenience of professional assistance.

Payment options figure high on the list as well. The expectation is that they have many options at their disposal. Securing home loans are becoming less cumbersome. EMIs are proving to be a major boon to those who do not have larger sums at short notices.

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A top priority in monetary terms is value for money. Home buyers expect rapid development in the locality in which they have made real estate investments. The reason for this is that with urbanization comes an appreciation of value. Homebuyers are looking to invest in prospective and potential localities anticipating growth in the future.

Women who are looking to buy houses as individuals are on the lookout for safe and affordable properties. The women feel that there are not many options for them in terms of incentives for buying. The bureaucracy of approvals is something that should drastically reduce to ensure a steady demand.

Today, the real estate market in Chennai is witnessing a trend in Gated community investments. Many people are willing to invest in such properties, even if there are not immediately looking to move. This is a backup option for future purposes and also for a steady source of income. Home buyers are looking to diversify their investment portfolio. Developers are on the lookout for clients who are not looking to move immediately. The expectations of the developers and the home buyers are to be in sync for these deals to be successful.

Further, delays are something that is not acceptable. Many people today are taking a stricter call and reevaluating their home buying options. In Chennai, word-of-mouth is a strong recommending force. Clients and prospective home buyers are constantly in touch and sharing their experiences. It is for this reason that it becomes important for the developers to gauge the requirements of the common people.

The image of the developer and the past projects are some areas on which the prospective home buyers seek information. The expectation is that the developers are known for their quality of work and customer service. Developers need to offer holistic services in order to meet the expectant of their clients.

Expectations are altering according to the new developments such as reforms by the Government and market changes. These are some of the expectations of the home buyers in the present scenario. The market is ever-expanding and people are making many investments banking on the rise in the value of real estate properties.

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