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Interesting Facts about Presidency College Chennai

Written by Team Urban Tree

Everyone who lives in Chennai knows about the Presidency College. For many years now it has been the premier college that has churned out numerous notable alumni almost every year. But there are a few things that people do not know about this college. Here are some of the most interesting facts about the college which one would love to know.

The Initial start-up

E.B. Powell was chosen as the first principal during 1840 but he could not arrive due to a delay in his journey as it was taking more than four weeks from Bombay to Madras. To temporarily carry out the duty,  Mr. Cooper was assigned with a salary of Rs.400 per month to be the principal for the Presidency school. Once Powell arrived the school started to grow and he grew up to become the Principal of Presidency College.


The institution is noted for its most remarkable alumni’s. The first Governor General of India, C. Rajagopalachari graduated from presidency college of Madras as a lawyer.

Governor General of India, C. Rajagopalachari

The renowned physicist and Nobel prize winner Sir C V Raman is an alumni of this prestigious institution. Most of the personalities who were entitled with the prestigious Bharat Ratna Awards and Nobel Prize were once a part of this foundation.Other alumni’s were the Governor of RBI, S. Jagannathan and chief election commissioner K.V.K. Sundaram. Also, Mr.S.R.Vardhan, a member of the White House team of scientists is also an alum from Presidency College and the list goes on.

Architectural & Buildings design

When Presidency school was turning into Presidency college, an offer prize of Rs. 3000/- was offered for the best design. It took around three years for the project to complete.

The Cenetary

The Cenetary of the college which was celebrated in 1940 was a notable one.. A cenetary memorial dome was constructed and it includes four faces of the Fyson clock. The musical bell of this clock reaches the entire Tiruvallikeni it also had several unique features like the electronic winding clock with automatic lighting arrangements.


Presidency College, Chennai is the first one among the two foremost institutions on Hhigher education & rResearch established by the British India Government in 1840 and one among the top 10 colleges in India with Iinternational reputation on education & research. The college itself was established in the year 1840 making it one of the first colleges built here in Chennai.

Nick Names

The most known college of Chennai, Presidency College, has also many other names which it has gained over years. It is proudly known as “The Mother of Madras University”. It has been a premier and mother / grandmother institute in higher education for all the Universities of South India. It is also called as the light house of South India on higher education and research.

Emergence of Madras University

Did you know? The Madras University came up only after 17 years of establishment of the Presidency Insititution. Until then the institution was known for higher secondary education and later got the name as Presidency College.

Student Union

The students of the college receive training from the College Students Union which specializes in imparting knowledge in fields like organization, leadership and public speaking activities. It also includes athlete session and the members of the union are the students who get themselves enrolled in the same. In conclusion, Presidency College, which is the successive holder of top 10 ranks in the India Today survey ranking for the past 5 years, has certainly left its mark in history and will continue to do so for years to come.

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