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Feelings Only Those Who Stay Away From Home Would Relate

Written by Team Urban Tree

Until we move out, we seldom realize how easy, safe and comfortable things were at home. We realize the true essence of the phrase ‘Home Sweet Home’ only after we start living in a different place, city or country. It’s a challenging transition for most, but it’s a part of growing up, learning to be independent and our desire to explore the world.Staying Away From Home

However, there are always moments when memories come flooding back and we start thinking about our home. We may be enjoying happy, fulfilling lives away from home, but there are certain things about home that we always miss and long to have them back. Here are some feelings that only those who stay away from home would relate to.

#1. Long for home cooked food:

Your neighborhood restaurant may serve the most delicious food, but it’s no replacement for home cooked food. You may drool over outside food initially, but eventually, you get over the addiction and start longing for home cooked food. You may also call up your mom and ask her to teach you how to cook your favourite dishes.

#2. You realize the importance of money:

At home, you never had to worry about money. However, when staying away from home, everyone seems to be asking you for money. You have to pay for something or the other every day and you wonder if you will be able to survive the month. You are surprised when you find yourself making budgets.

#3. You have to do everything on your own:

The home was like a hotel, where everything was managed by your parents and other family members. However, when staying away from home, you have a lot of chores to do. There’s laundry, housekeeping, grocery shopping, cooking food, paying bills and lots more stuff that you need to manage on your own.

#4. No one pampers you when sick:

Getting sick at home was a blessing in disguise, as you would be cared for and loved even more. However, out here, getting sick is no longer an option. Your friends and acquaintances may fetch you some medicines or take you to a doctor, but you are no longer pampered when you get sick.

#5. You miss the grand festive celebrations:

You reminisce the time when your family, friends and relatives would join for grand celebrations during the festive season. There would be plenty of fun activities and lots of tasty food to eat. You may still be celebrating festivals at your new location, but it’s not as grand or exciting, as it was at home.

#6. You get to hear ‘news’ about home:

When staying away from home, you get to hear news about your family, relatives and the community. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad and sometimes purely inconsequential. When you call home, you get apprised of the new developments taking place in the family and the community.

#7. You wish for “Beam me up, Scotty”:

You wonder why you were born at a time when science has yet to develop the technology to teleport people from one place to another. Things could be so much better with teleportation, as you could reach your home in the blink of an eye. Alas, the technology is still science fiction and you aren’t going to be beamed up in your lifetime.

#8. The joy of going back home:

The tickets have been booked several days in advance and you are eagerly waiting for the day when you will head home after a long long time. You have gifts for people back home and are looking forward to spending quality time with your loved ones. Your mother is working overtime in the kitchen to prepare your favourite foods and snacks.

#9. Things and people are changing at home:

People are growing up in the family and new developments are taking place in the area. The kid you knew has now become a young lad and there are new shops and houses in the neighborhood. It all seems so surreal and you experience it every time you come back home after a long gap.

#10. The tough task of saying goodbye:

After enjoying your stay at your home, the time has come for you to leave and say goodbyes. It’s never easy and you wish you could stay at home forever.

Staying away from home is an important journey in life, as there are numerous lessons to be learned along the way. It makes us realize the true value of our home, which shall come handy when we build our own homes. Life will come full circle for us when our children also leave home for their education or work and experience similar feelings and emotions.

What else do you think you miss about your home? We would be delighted to hear your stories about staying away from home and how you learned to manage things on your own.

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