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Festival Season: A Perfect Time To Buy Property

Written by Team Urban Tree

India is a land of festivals and every festival celebrated here has a mythological story connected to it. There is a certain novelty and auspiciousness attached to the festivals celebrated here. Every family starts something new or makes a new investment during festivals. Likewise, merchants and business brands also host biggest and craziest deals to please their customers and boost their sales. There are several other vital factors which make festive season one of the best times of the year to make an investment in the real estate.

Why should you buy during the festive season?

As soon as the festive season starts, the real estate industry gets abuzz with activity. While the developers start aggressively promoting their projects, then start exploring the different properties matching their budget and specifications. Some of the prominent reasons that one must make property investments during this auspicious season include:

  • Indians believe that the festive season brings good luck and it is auspicious to make the big investments which can bring good returns in the future. Many people even link it with prosperity.
  • As the financial institutions and banks come up with better loan options and great deals, the investors might get the deals which work ideally for them and which they may not get for the rest of the year.
  • The property developers offer a unique host of freebies and heavier discounts. Furthermore, since the competition during this season is quite intense, one might get better and flexible payment options for the properties.
  • The number of property projects which are launched in the festive season is more than any other time of the year. During this time of the year, one can get anything ranging from affordable housing to the highly luxurious dwellings.

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Benefits for investors during festive season

While during the festive season, the developers scramble to outwit each other in winning the investors’ attention and investment, there are a lot of promotional schemes that one can get and indulge into by investing in property during the festive season. The property developers attract buyers with one of the following perks or incentives:

  • Travel vouchers to a variety of national and international investments
  • Free club memberships
  • Gold coins
  • Cash discounts
  • Free home appliances and amenities
  • Brokerage discounts
  • Benefits on stamp duty or registration fees

We hope the above mentioned tips have given you a clear picture on the favorable time to invest in properties! With the onset of festivities soon approaching, we suggest you start your hunt with Urban Tree and check our properties! Give us a call at 04440000315 for any query.

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