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Best Food Items for a Healthy Weight Loss

Written by Team Urban Tree

Are you looking for some serious ways to lose weight, get fit and also eat healthier? Do you wish that the whole weight loss phase had a Fast Forward button? While all of that can be achieved, relax and remember that –Slow and steady always wins the race! So sit back and read through this blog as we introduce you to some of the delicious foods that you could happily eat while you’re on a diet, as they reduce the number of calories and add to the overall nutritional diet as well. Bid bye-bye to all those tasteless diet foods and get ready to tighten your belts much sooner.

1. Yoghurts

Yoghurts are usually said to have got packed with as much sugar as any candy. So, be wise enough to choose full-fat yoghurt that has reduced risk of obesity.  Yoghurts have a good mix of proteins and fat that would make you feel satisfied for a longer time. Frozen yoghurts can be the best alternatives for ice creams and it usually doubles the diet results.

2. Lentils

Whatever is your diet food, those without beans and legumes are never said to drive results.  To reap the best benefits at your home, add some chickpeas, peas, beans, black beans, kidney beans and others into your every week diet plan. We understand many legumes are quite tough to tolerate on their tastes. So, be very creative while you prepare them. Most of them contain resistant starch which is beneficial for weight loss.

3. Fish

Yes, you can eat that oily salmon fish on a salad with chopped avocado and it is incredibly healthy. Salmon is loaded with omega-3-fatty acid which is said to reduce inflammation. Oily fishes like herring, mackerel, trout, and sardine also serve the purpose extremely well. Just add these to your diet plan twice a week and experience the healthy results.

4. Avocado

The so-called nature’s butter that comes with proteins and fibers is Avocado for you. Add 3 table spoon of avocado oil to your diet instead of any safflower oil and you need not fear of its fats. This wonder fruit has oleic acid that has the ability to silence hunger. But be sure to limit yourself to quarter or half of an avocado.

5. Whole eggs

Yes, eggs have made a strong come back to the diet world with the studies proving that they don’t affect blood cholesterol. What more do you need? Just dig into how many ever eggs you want and they will make you feel full with the very low amount of calories. So, for a calorie restricted diet, rely on whole eggs and grasp all the nutrients.

6. Plain Potatoes

Potato may play against your diet game if you fail in the way you consume it. Just a plain boiled potato would render a number of benefits for those aiming for a weight loss.  One important attribute that everybody wants in any diet food is if it helps you feel full for a prolonged time and potatoes undoubtedly do that.  If you don’t like your potatoes plain, top a baked potato with steamed broccoli and sprinkle low-fat cheese upon it for a filling stomach.  For added benefits, let the resistant starch form on the potatoes by boiling it and allowing them to cool for a while. It has all sorts of benefits including weight loss.

7. Veggies

Vegetables that have high fiber content like cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage serve very decent amount of proteins for a healthy diet. Rather than the readymade noodles with heavy maida content, try making your own noodles from thin strands of vegetables like carrot, beetroot, sweet potato or cucumber that have more nutrients and fewer calories. Because a single serving of maida has 450 calories!!!

All calories are not equal and hence be very inquisitive about the amount of calories that you consume on the whole. Every food has its own metabolic pathway. Eating food items that contain wrong kinds of fats like trans-fats and saturated fats will harm your nutritional diet and hence you should stick onto the healthy fatcontents. Happy dieting  J

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