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5 Great Lessons You Can Learn From Chennaites

Being Chennaites
Written by Team Urban Tree

Chennai is one of the most vibrant and fast-growing metropolis in India. The city is considered the Gateway to the South and shares a rich history and enduring culture and traditions. Lonely Planet has ranked Chennai among the Top 10 must-visit places in the world and BBC has called it one of the most livable global cities. Chennai has a booming economy, powered by key industries such as an automobile, electronics, hardware, IT & ITeS, financial services and healthcare. With its innumerable historical structures such as forts, temples, museums, etc. and abundant natural wonders such as beaches, lakes, and flora & fauna, Chennai is also a bustling tourist hotspot.

Chennai City

Chennai’s real strength is its people, aka, the Chennaites. It’s their love for the city and their hard work and passion that has helped Chennai emerge as one of the top megacities in the world. Chennaites are also fun loving with the great affinity for shopping, sun & sand, delectable food, and performing arts. Once you get to know Chennaites better, you will realize that they are in fact world citizens. Here are 5 great lessons you can learn from Chennaites.

#1. Helpful:

Whether it’s a stranger on the streets or your neighbors, you will find Chennaites to be of a helpful nature. If you are new to the city, Chennaites will do everything they can to make you feel at home. If you are visiting a new area in the city, Chennaites would be glad to help you reach your destination. The helpful nature of Chennaites is a key factor that has helped the city to acquire its cosmopolitan profile. People from across the country and abroad as well have made Chennai their home, something that would not have been possible without the help and support of the local community.Helpful People Of Chennai

#2. Tolerant:

Chennaites are tolerant in most aspects such as religion, caste, creed, ethnicity, culture, socio-economic status, etc. This is why extreme events like communal riots are quite rare in Chennai. Excluding a couple of minor cases, Chennai has also remained largely free from the global menace of terror attacks. The credit for this goes to Chennaites, who will never support such activities. Chennaites value and respect others’ culture and tradition in the same way as they treat their own. This has ensured enduring peace and harmony in Chennai. Availability of good employment opportunities in the city has helped sustain Chennai’s tolerant nature.Tolerant Society

#3. Passionate:

Chennaites know how to enjoy life to the fullest. They share their passion for great many things such as dance, music, festivals, shopping, lazing on the beach, sightseeing, filter coffee, and lip-smacking food. And things get really loud and uncontrollable when it’s their favorite superstars at the theaters or their most adored Chennai Super Kings winning in the IPL. You can’t help but admire the unparalleled enthusiasm and energy displayed by Chennaites in their everyday lives. Be with them long enough and you too shall be infected with their boundless passion.Chennai Culture

#4. Coolheaded:

Yes, it gets pretty hot in Chennai in the summer months. And traffic snarls can be extremely chaotic and infuriating sometimes. However, these things do not make Chennaites to lose their cool. Just like their captain cool, Chennaites know how to remain focused in the toughest of circumstances. It’s a part of their upbringing and culture, which has taught Chennaites to be in control at all times. Some ingredients used in local cuisine, such as coconut milk and kokum, also seem to help Chennaites to stay calm and in control.Calm And Coolheaded

#5. Explorers:

Chennaites are true-blue explorers and they love exploring everything around them. You can find them in huge numbers at leading city streets; shopping destinations; city attractions like forts, museums, and temples; and natural wonders like beaches, lakes, waterfalls, and forest reserves. There are innumerable sightseeing options in and around Chennai, which keeps Chennaites busy on most weekends. The explorer in every Chennaite is a key trait that motivates them to try new things and expand their knowledge horizon. This, in turn, has helped many Chennaites to achieve success in their professional life.

The more you interact with Chennaites, the better you will be able to understand them. In addition to the above, you can learn various other things from Chennaites. Share your experiences with us and let us know what else you have learned and what you think are the most unique and interesting things about Chennaites.

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