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Hilarious Hollywood Movie References to Chennai Scenarios!

Written by Team Urban Tree

In the busy streets of Chennai, we often encounter the innumerable and inconclusive tap wars, the self named lord of the roads who come at you from left right and center mouthing their many infamous swear words, the men in lungi often accompanied with the munda-baniyan and the water lorries playing the thirst games with Chennai’s citizens.
Not to mention the many current impossible situations we face and subsequently becoming “avingers” in the age of veyil during our harsh summers!`

1. The Wolf of Ritchie Street

When it comes to visiting the ever famous Ritchie street in Chennai, each and every one of us know our way in and
out, how to bargain for the best deal and most often than not, have our very own regular shop to exchange our electronics and get them repaired!


2. Current Impossible

For Chennai, Mission Impossible is without a doubt Current Impossible! Moreover, when it’s summer, you know things just cannot go well!


3. Tap Wars

Star Wars, what Star Wars? More like tap water wars in Chennai! Surely you have seen this scene in Chennai streets numerous times!


4. Lord of the Roads

We have our own self proclaimed Lord of the Roads in Chennai! You know them only too well; they swerve suddenly coming at you out of nowhere, take a sudden left, use the choicest of swear words in the famous Madras bhashai and what not! Having said that, they are our very own Google Maps and can tell us just the route we want to take when we are lost in Chennai streets!


5. The Thirst Games: Mocking Veyil

Every Chennaiite is more than familiar with the many water lorries that leave a trail of water in its wake when it travels from one destination from another!
And more often that not, we will see a lone plastic brightly coloured pot sitting under the hose filling all the running water!


6. Men in Lungi

We’re only all too familiar with the Men in Lungi in Chennai roads! In Chennai, the signature styles can never go out of fashion and the lungi is definitely one of them!


7. Strangers on a MTC Bus

Need we say more about the Strangers on A MTC Bus? Any frequent traveler of knows the pain of being jostled, pushed, being stepped on the feet and being shouted at (for no fault of yours, that too) and not to mention the infamous fighting of the bus seat only too well!


8. Avingers: Age of Veyil

The Avengers? More like the Chennai people becoming the Avingers (getting baked) during the Age of Veyil (the sun) during our harsh summers!


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