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7 Easy Home Maintenance Tasks to do on A Weekend

Home Maintenance Task For Weekend
Written by Team Urban Tree

Once you have purchased your home, it’s easy to assume that you shall be able to live happily ever after. It’s true that having your own home gives you a sense of security, but there will still be issues and challenges to deal with. After a few years, the taps will start to leak, the paint will start chipping and various other issues will crop up. It will make you realize that even though your home is heaven it will still require constant care and attention. Rather than wait for things to get worse, it’s better to carry out timely maintenance. Prevention is better than cure, right? To ensure that your home remains spick and span all throughout the year, here are 7 easy home maintenance tasks you can do on a weekend.

#1. Unclog the drain pipe:

Clogged drain pipes are a common problem in every home. Drains pipes such as the ones attached to your kitchen sink and wash basin will eventually clog up, even when you may be using a stopper or mesh strainer. Rather than wait for the drain pipe to clog up completely, you can clean it periodically. There are various options you can use such as drain cleaning powder, drain cleaning liquid or drain cleaning cables. For a complete cleanup, you will need to unscrew the drain pipe and clean it thoroughly. You will need pipe wrench and drain pipe cleaning supplies that you can get from your local hardware store.

#2. Paint a room:

Sounds messy? It can be, if you use old techniques and equipment. Some people like going old school and use the traditional brush and bucket for painting. For a hassle-free experience, you can use modern paint tools such as vacuum-based dust free sanding machine, automatic paint pumping roller, etc. You can take these items on rent from your local painter or painting company. Also, make sure you wear protective clothing and gloves to keep yourself safe from dust and chemicals. Start with a section of the wall, just to get an idea of how it feels. Later, when you get a hang of it, you can cover all the walls in the room.

#3. Fix the leaking toilet:

If your toilet is leaking, it can become a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. The leak may be from the flush tank, the connecting pipes, or the drain pipe connected to the commode. All these issues can be easily fixed with basic plumbing supplies such as sealant, new rubber washers and float ball. First, you have to identify the source of leak and then carry out the required repair. There are plenty of DIY videos that can help you with these home maintenance tasks. In some cases, cracks in the commode may also lead to leaks. In this case, you may have to replace the commode, something that will require professional expertise.

#4. Fix a dripping tap:

Dripping taps can be quite irritating and they tend to waste plenty of precious water. Leaking water can also form unsightly stains that would be tough to clean. If the tap is not too old, it’s possible that its rubber washer has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced. Rubber washers are quite cheap and you can get it at your local hardware store. You will have to turn off the water supply, remove the tap and open it to replace the rubber washer. While you are at it, you can also clean the tap with vinegar and lime to make it shine once again.

#5. Clean/change the showerhead:

Showerheads have tiny holes that become clogged with impurities present in water. Over time, the amount of water coming through the showerhead reduces significantly. Depending on the condition of the showerhead, you can either clean it or install a new one. There are no dedicated tools available to clean showerheads so you will have to improvise with what’s available. For example, you can use needles, paper pins, push pins or safety pins to clean the tiny holes in the showerhead. You just have to prick each hole and your showerhead will start working like new in no time. Installing a new showerhead is even easier.

#6. Clean and polish hardwood floors:

Hardwood floors lose their sheen over time, making them look dull and flat. However, it’s quite easy to revive your lackluster hardwood floor. All you need is a polishing agent that can bring back the shine and natural colors of the hardwood. Dedicated products are available to polish the hardwood floor and you can buy these if you want. You have to sprinkle the polish on the floor and spread it with a mop. Another option is to use stuff that’s already available in your home such as olive oil. You have to mix a few drops of olive oil in water and use the solution to wipe the floor. Make sure you do not use too much olive oil, as it will make the floor slippery and attract dust and grime.

#7. Clean the windows:

Windows are often left unattended, as they appear to be clean. However, if you look closely, you will notice that there’s a significant amount of dust and debris deposited on the windows. You may also want to clean the windows from the outside, so that things are clearer when you look through the glass. Cleaning windows are super easy, as you just need a glass cleaning agent and cleaning wipes. You can use an antibacterial cleaning agent to eliminate any bacteria or viruses that may have deposited on the windows.

Home maintenance tasks can be an interesting way to spend your weekend and it will boost your savings. It will also be a learning experience, as you will get to know the different techniques, tools, materials and planning required to execute home maintenance projects. Before starting any home maintenance task, make sure you do your research properly. The more information you have at the beginning, the better the chances will be of getting it right in the first attempt. It’s your home after all, and you can’t afford to mess up things and leave it like that for long. Start with small projects, and later when you gain experience and skills, you can attempt bigger home maintenance tasks.

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