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Importance of House-warming (Grihapravesham) for your New Home

Written by Team Urban Tree

A new home is always built or bought with new hopes and dreams. Every new possession and new beginning warrants for a special start. After all, it is a moment of pride and pleasure and calls for a celebration that is filled with abundant joy and love. Before you start anything, inviting the Almighty’s presence to your living space is a must, isn’t it? Today’s rituals may look more materialistic and secular, but the desire behind them remains unchanging – to connect, to celebrate and to send gratitude to the divine power.

A process that will make the space alive for a living is Housewarming. Every brick might have been hand-picked by you, but it’s also your duty to fill the space with positive energy. You’ve survived a residential move and it is essential you ward-off the ill-vibrations from your home, despite all the precautions taken during the construction phase. Yes, your special home needs more consecration than decoration. This blog will drive you through some unknown attributes of the age old tradition – GRAHAPRAVESAM.

It is believed that a plant can produce fruits and flowers, only when the soil is rich. Even if it does, it will either be very meagre or infertile. Similarly, no human is ought to live in a space that is deconsecrated. Hence, Grahapravesam is all about surfacing the right kind of soil to your own plant, which is your life.

If you think housewarming is just about throwing a party for your relatives and neighbours, you better change your mind, before your wellbeing becomes an uphill task. We come across rich societies and cultures that don’t live well, because their fundamentals weren’t taken care of.

Housewarming is all about respecting your new space and acknowledging other entities like ghosts or spirits or any evil forces and thoroughly cleansing the home with peace and positive vibes. Vastu is a belief that every dwelling space is in itself a living being and that it has to be consecrated before occupying.

Ganesh Puja is a part of the tradition during which all the nine planets and gods are invoked to witness the ceremony.

The five elements of nature are offered to the almighty in different forms to ensure prosperity and protection to the inmates of the home. Milk represents water, Incense fragrance represents air, Flower stands for earth, bell chimes represent space and the light symbolizes fire.

Boiling of milk is a widely known ritual of Grahepravesam. In fact, those who can’t afford a house warming ceremony tend to just boil milk and do all the basic pujas on their first move to their new homes. So, what does that imply? The boiling over of milk indicates overflow of abundant happiness, peace, wealth and prosperity in the home. The milk is then shared with neighbours as a token of sharing the good and bad henceforth in their lives.

The reason behind sprinkling of holy water all over the corners of your home and letting the puja fire burn out and pervade the home is purification of the entire space. Don’t you think your domestic shelter needs a spiritual protection?

The ritual chanting and the pujas altogether fill-up your home with a good amount of positive energy making the place a liveable one for a happy living. Always keep in mind, when you honour something greater than the human living, you eventually add more sacredness to your life.

Hope this write-up had fed your mind with some informative thoughts on the tradition of housewarming. Having said all that, if you’re about to organize one, plan well in advance, invite all your dear ones, serve them food filled with love, spread rejoice and laughter all around, relish the traditional feast and have a tension-free celebration. Also, congratulations on your new home!

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