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How do Climatic Conditions Affect A Property?

Climatic Conditions On Property
Written by Team Urban Tree

Property damage from climate hazards is a rather common experience for property owners, especially if they do not take care of the same in a timely manner. Whether it is a devastating hurricane or a chilly winter, the fluctuating climatic conditions can severely deteriorate the value of a property. With the rising instances of “Global Warming” the climatic conditions all across the globe have shifted dramatically.

The icebergs as we know them are melting at a rapid rate causing severe climatic fluctuations. Now, it isn’t just humans that face consequences of climatic change. Properties deteriorate with exposure to the harsh weather, thereby losing their value. The real estate market in popular regions in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc has experienced demand depletion in recent years.

Here are some of the climatic conditions that deteriorate the value of your property.

#1. Hailstorms:

Hail is a climate change that originates when rain water freezes up into small balls and falls down along with the rain. It is often termed as a hailstorm. This change in the climate leads to severe damage from the high intensity fall of the ice pieces. The most common damages identified after a hailstorm is the broken window panes, holes in the ceilings, damaged garden, etc. It is important that you refrain from using glass panels that break easily and opt for double-coated ceilings to avoid any property damage.

#2. Extreme Heat:

Global warming has introduced an extreme weather fluctuation which especially inclines towards hotter seasons. Post 1970s, the summer months have become unusually high in temperature. With such high temperatures recorded all through the globe, it is apparent that the properties will experience severe damage. High temperature can damage your home cooling system or dry out the garden leaving your property looking dead. It is advised that you opt for rain-water harvesting techniques that aid you during the dry spells of summer while keeping your garden green and healthy. Make sure you let your property cool down by planting as many trees as possible. During construction of the property, make sure you pick a material that reacts well to extreme heat based expansion.

#3. Extreme Cold:

It isn’t just the hot weather that brings down your property value. Even extremely cold temperatures can wreck havoc to your real estate property. Lower temperatures lead to loss of cement hydration and thereby reduce the bond strength between the masonry. It is important that you opt for even heating inside the house with room heaters. Check regularly for snow blocking certain crevices of your property to ensure there is no mold formation. Try to eliminate any cracking, sagging, or collapsing of the roof by regular removal of snow.

#4. Heavy Rain:

Heavy rain often leads to flooding of properties that add to the list of damages you endure from the climatic conditions in your area. Unplanned constructions that are devised illegally can be affected by heavy rains due to poor structure. Additionally, high moisture content during rains can lead to the development of molds in the property that deteriorates the overall structure. You can also expect termite infestation during months with heavy rain. So make sure, you have your property inspected by professionals to ensure that the rains do not damage the place beyond restoration. With heavy rain, soil can become saturated, leading to a shift in the property foundation. So make sure you check for the soil condition in the area before opting to build a property in the area.

#5. Roaring Winds:

Winds can lead to the induction of two different conditions. This includes racking and uplift. The up-lifts develop when the rapidly moving winds create an area with lower pressure that ways in an upward direction. This can cause the components of your property to push in an outward direction leading to parts such as the roof detaching from the house. In order to avoid this issue, homeowners tend to attach special components with the roof to help the property handle extreme pressure. Racking is a result of strong winds hitting the house from a side resulting in damage to the roof, windows, doors, etc.

Given below are some guidelines to avoid property price deterioration due to climatic conditions.

  • If you live in an area with lots of rainfall, make sure you design the house with proper overhangs and a simple roof design that prevents the water going back into the attic. This also helps keep it off your walls.
  • If the area you live receives a lot of snowfall, make sure you build a particularly steep roof that will allow accumulated snow to quickly slide off the building instead of accumulating.
  • In any climatic condition, make sure you avoid construction of a property with west-facing windows. These types of properties end up overheating the house by allowing too much sunlight even in cold weathers.
  • Have your roofs colored with light shades to ensure that a good chunk of the heat is reflected back.
  • Play a part in the protection of the environment and plant trees all around the property. This enhances the overall look of the property while keeping the temperature cool. Property buyers often go for houses or apartments with greenery given the aesthetic appeal that comes with a touch of nature.
  • Opt for rain water harvesting along with recycling of water to help you through the dry spells and keep your property green throughout while adding value to the overall property price.
  • Use solar energy to limit the use of conventional electricity supply. It is noted that properties with solar panels attract better price in the real estate market.

Climatic conditions play a vital role when it comes to property construction that stands the test of time. So before you opt to buy or build a property, make sure you research thoroughly about the general climatic conditions of the area and plan ahead of time to avoid any obvious damages to your property.

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