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Health Benefits of Living in a Green Home

Health Benefits of Living in a Green Home
Written by Team Urban Tree

Investing in a green home is the best thing one could do for the environment. It is not just the environment that benefits from a green home but also the people living in the green homes. Health, comfort, finances are few factors on which a person can be benefitted.

What we think healthy living is a person who has a healthy diet (nutrients, energy, essential amino acids, protein, etc. — and water), breathes fresh air and gets sufficient sunlight exposure (Vitamin D) and good physical activity (exercise) in their daily routine. But there is more to healthy living than this which can be achieved by living in a green home.

There are various advantages in green buildings. It efficiently manages waste. Methods to reuse the generated waste will be implied to generate other forms of energy which will contribute to the eco-friendly environment. Energy efficient materials such as LED bulbs, heat resistant glass panels that control the temperature entering inside and construction materials that support green living will be used. The buildings are constructed in such a way that there is sufficient amount of sunlight entering the homes and promotes healthier living. Such methods will ensure there is efficient water supply, required amount of natural day lighting which in turn provide good health and for the house occupants.

These days, most of the green homes focus on reducing the amount of toxic materials used in homes thereby adopting green living. Chemicals emitted by construction materials will affect our planet and more importantly affects the people living in it. Experts say that toxic products in your home might include :-

  • Paints and sealants (release chemicals)
  • Wall space insulation (contains fibers that may cause cancer)
  • Heavy metals used in roofs and pipes ( might affect central nervous system)
  • PVC found in shower curtains and vinyl flooring (may initiate breathing problems)

Urban Tree’s Green Home Approach

We aim at a holistic green construction and choose our raw materials with care. We stand true to this testament by providing non-toxic and low volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints. Normal paints contain high carbon, chemicals and lead content. These might cause risk of cancer if included in your homes. We also use solid concrete blocks that are highly heat resistant and heat reducing glass panes which restrict the temperature of sunlight entering our homes.

We implement eco-friendly designs in our projects to promote green living. Read a few highlights below.

Green homes today follow the eco-friendly way of life. This not just promotes healthy living but also helps reduces electricity usage by enabling solar powered panels. Heat mapping is also being carried out in order to ensure that the buildings refrain from excessive heat and enable better airflow. This is being done by evaluating the materials used during construction fully shield the building from the scorching heat during rising temperatures.

green building benefits

Landscaping improves the quality of air that we are surrounded by. Oxygen is released by plants is what we have all learnt since the time we were kids and this stands true. Our apartments are built with sufficient landscaping that will promote healthy living. There is nothing like walking to a home surrounded by a vast area of greenery after a long day’s work.

Thermal roofing of terrace helps cooling down the portions beneath them and control over-heating of those spaces. The tiles are made up of materials that reflect sunlight and reduce heat transfer which leads to a cooling environment below for the occupants.

Air-conditioning is one important feature to look into in Green homes since they emit CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbons) which pose a great threat to our environment. A CFC free air-conditioning is something everyone would be surprised to hear about.

Citing the above reasons, it is always advisable to live in green homes in Chennai where pollution overpowers daily life. Hence Urban Tree’s projects are the right choice for those who are health-conscious and aware of the benefits of living in an eco-friendly home.

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