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Chennai Rains : How Heroes Emerged To Help People in Flood-Hit Areas

Written by Team Urban Tree

The heavy rains, water logging, power cuts caused by the enthusiastic monsoons in November caused havoc in the city. The unexpected monsoons flooded areas like Velachery. People had to evacuate their homes and take shelter elsewhere and there were areas that were operated only by boats. We witnessed and met some sincere policemen and traffic policemen who stood like a rock in the heavy downpour only to make sure the civilians were safe.

Team Urban Tree salutes the heroes who extended their support to fellow Chennaiites during the rains the last few days….

Posted by Urban Tree Infrastructures on Wednesday, 18 November 2015

After a brief lull, the city was getting back to normal. The rains came back to Tamil Nadu with a vengeance on the first week of December. Chennai faced unprecedented rainfall leading to floods! The already filled water reservoirs were no good to hold any more water and the rains wouldn’t stop! This time, the heavy rains brought floods to Chennai, Cuddalore and Kanchipuram and other villages on the coastal area. The villages on the banks of rivers and the areas in Chennai like Adyar, Saidapet, T. Nagar, Porur, Tambaram drowned in the excessive water flow from the lakes and water reservoirs. This time, the rains were so bad that the water level rose up to first floors, leaving people stranded in their own homes.

Chennai was submerged, but the spirit rose up high. You know why? It is because of you! Chennaiites stood united and had each other’s back during the crisis. Everybody was affected, but that didn’t stop us from helping the ones that were worst affected. This calamity brought out the goodness in each one of us. Although the network was down, Chennaiites used the social media platform to reach out to people and inform them about the areas in need and also about the people who had to be rescued. People opened their homes, cooked food and volunteered to take it those in the affected area.

What was heartening to see is the youngsters of Chennai who did not wait for any aid and took it upon themselves to rescue their fellow Chennaiites. Amongst us, were some real super heroes, who made a difference and helped the city get back on its feet.

There were Chennaiites who offered to recharge phones for people to reach out to their loved ones and to seek help.

City theatres and malls opened up to provide shelter.

Doctors doing their best to help others and Chennaiites living in other parts of the country did their best to help the city during the crisis. There were also people who were providing shelter to the pets. Isn’t that amazing?

There were policemen who went above their roles to save families in the deluge.

After the heavy downpour, the water level rose up high in no time making people move out of their homes and seek shelter in a relatively safer place. Policemen made sure that the thugs in the locality didn’t make use of such opportunity to rob their homes. They went on patrol on boats to make sure all the homes were safe.


When people say Chennai’s future is in safe hands, we would like to say that we learnt it from our elders. This 70 year old man cooked tirelessly in huge quantities to serve the hungry people who lost their homes.


It is not how big the contributions are, it is the heart to help the needy that shows how strong we are.

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Posted by My Chennai on Saturday, 5 December 2015

A quick mention to those who continued to do their work unfazed by the rains so that those people dependent on them and their services do not go without it.


One big lesson that came out of this disaster is that religion does not stand a chance where humanity is tirelessly at work.


While many auto drivers were cursed for charging 2x, 3x the normal fare there was also, this man was ready to give up his daily livelihood in order to help people by offering free rides from Madhavaram to Moolakadai.

Residents of MGR Nagar were stranded in their houses for more than 3 days amidst dirty water that was filled with snakes and disease prone germs. John from Sharma Nagar working at Amazon risked his life to distribute the relief materials and acted like a bridge between the volunteers who came in a boat to those stranded in their homes.


A big salute to this samaritan!


Johnson, an auto driver from Porur was not able to reach his pregnant wife or family for two days as the area was hit badly, but that didn’t stop him from helping other people hit by floods. He drove the volunteers across Teynampet and T.Nagar to distribute food without complaining despite his suffering. It is later said that the good man was able to contact his family and all are well.


Auto driver M.Muthamizhselvam resorted to the save people in Chembarapakkam area and drove free of cost in order to help Chennaiites during the calamity.

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Posted by Chennaites on Sunday, 6 December 2015

There were doctors who were willing to extend their services for free of cost.

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Posted by Chennaites on Sunday, 6 December 2015

People were willing to open their homes to strangers –

Yes, Chennai faced a historical calamity; but we survived it. The devious rains and floods didn’t break us it only brought every Chennaiite together to rise up high.

A big salute to all the volunteers out there who took the responsibility on themselves to save the city. This single article is not enough to mention all those who helped Chennaivaasis.

All we can say is: #RESPECT

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