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How To Choose The Right Home With The Right Amenities For You

Written by Team Urban Tree

If you are looking to buy a home, you would want to prioritise first. No matter what your priorities are in buying a new home, there are few things that are mandate to settle down with your family in an area. Here are a list of factors you need to consider before shortlisting a place to settle down and call home.

1. Commute

These days, people have to drive a long way to reach their workplace. Fuel prices are always fluctuating and even though you have a vehicle that gives good mileage, it still takes a toll on your time and health if you have to drive 30 km on a single commute from your new house to your workplace. Even if you opt for a local taxi service or carpool, it’s still a long drive. So, pick a house in an area that doesn’t make you comprise your quality time with family.


2. Neighbourhood

Like everyone else, you want to have decent neighbours and live in a good neighbourhood to provide a healthy environment for your family. With the increase in crime rates, make sure you choose your area of living wisely. Also, the neighbourhood should have access to parks, grocery stores, schools, bakeries, laundry services, gyms and the like. Essentially, the area you live in must have everything that you don’t have to travel far enough to meet your daily needs. Research well about an area before you make the big decision.


3. Schools

Several parents are picking homes that are closer to school. For instance, Anjali and her husband decided to shift their residence because of their child, Kiran. Kiran was just accepted into a very prestigious school. But the commute was too long. Her husband Arjun, an IT engineer decided it was a time to actually buy a house. They looked through several homes and found a 3 bedroom house that was slightly over their budget. But that wasn’t their primary concern. Kiran and her education mattered the most. It also turned out that Arjun was now only 15 minutes from his workplace as was Kiran’s from school. So don’t hesitate to choose what’s right for your family.


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4. Plumbing

Believe it or not, this is something that a lot of people ignore when they buy a new house. Plumbing is extremely important for any house, be it used or new. Most homes that go on sale tend to look great on the outside but not so much on the inside. This is where you might have to get your hands dirty. Look into the tanks and see if they have been cleaned properly. Remember, once you buy it, you have to fix it. If it’s a house that has a previous owner, talk to the owner about fixing it. If he/she refuses, tell them they will have to bring down the selling price. It’s only fair.


5. Entertainment

Most of the real estate coming up these days are residential gated communities. So it’s important to see where they stand on the common area. It should have a great indoor park and pool side area. no, it’s not very hard to come by. Depending on the income of each resident, you could also push for an entertainment centre which has indoor games, cooking area and a small concert hall. Of course, this all depends on how much you’re willing to spend. Everyone has their priorities and you have to decide on yours. And as far as individual houses and flats are concerned, it is best to look out for an area that has easy access to popular theatres or parks. Take the time to figure out what it is and make the final decision.


These points you just read are just guidelines. They are not the norm. Everyone has a different opinion and perspective on the perfect home. So the factors and priorities may differ. For some, buying property is an investment and they plan it on renting it out. For others, it will be the home they end up living in for the rest of their lives. However, make sure you do your research properly before you make your big investment.

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