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How Interior Design Choices Can Reflect Your Personality

WWhich one do you relate to?
Written by Team Urban Tree

We all love to decorate our homes with artifacts, portraits, plants,  furniture, books and more! The more we add to our homes, the more it reflects our personalities! Read on to see which of these homes suit your personality! 

1: Art Lovers’ homes:  For you, art is more than a fascination.  You think you should fill up your home with your funky thinking and enjoy all the appreciation of your art at home! What’s more, you keep thinking of ideas to add on when ever you visit any places! And most importantly, you don’t miss out on any art exhibitions!


source: www.houzz.com

2: Games Lovers homes: You take “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy” very seriously. A dedicated game room is something you consider as a birth right and have fought tooth and nail to obtain one! Needless to mention, you spend all your time here- whether happy or sad or otherwise. This is probably the place from where you begin and end your day!


Source: www.irishexaminer.com

3: Movie Buff: According to you, ‘theatre’ denotes to one and one thing only; your home theatre. Be it old or new, you savour all your movie watching experience to this room. Friends, family, date, this is where you bring them to unwind yourself after a long hard day.


Source: www.imperialdesigninc.com

4: Fitness Freaks homes : One of the favourite spots in your house, you are always at ease with your gym equipment. You don’t workout just to get fit. You  This will also undoubtedly be your most visited room in the house!


Source: www.lowes.com

5:  Eco friendly Homes: The world is in need of people like you to save the planet. You keep researching on how to make your homes greener and cooler and you find yourself giving tips to people on how they can also make an eco friendly home!



6: Sacred Homes : This is your heaven on earth . In your good and bad times this is the place you first visit.


Source: www.newinteriorhome.com

7 : Pet Lovers Home: Because you think living with humans is too mainstream, there is a special place in your heart for your pet which reflects in your house too. There is always a readymade variety of food and flavours available for your pet in your house. You make sure your house is clean so that your pet does not eat anything that could spoil its health!


Souce: www.boredpanda.com

8: Book lovers : And… you book mark this place forever. A dedicated place for every book you own in your house, you’d think it a crime if there was no such place. Your friends balk at the huge collection of books you possess and ultimately end up spending more time in. Coffee and your book is all you want, all else can wait! You cannot wait to add on another rack with your books 😉


Surce: www.colorsandjoy.com

9: Music Lovers : You play every moment rather than living it. Your house turns into a mini DJ house everytime you play any music – and you’re certain to let the house know about it. When you are not sleepy you are either tuning your instruments or jamming!


Source: homemydesign.com

10: Contemporary Homes: Your house is your pride and your neighbour’s envy! If you own a contemporary home, you’d only be all too familiar with the pouring compliments, the look of awe and the gasps of admiration from people!


Source: alicedale.blogspot.com

Which one of these do you connect yourself with? Do share your views with us! 🙂

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