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How to Find the Best Service Apartments in Chennai?

Written by Team Urban Tree

Service Apartments offer fully or partially furnished apartments and is suitable for both short-term and long-term stay. A service apartment will be a better and more cost-efficient option rather than staying in a hotel especially if the stay will last a year or so. With the availability of many facilities such as WIFI, swimming pool, laundry facilities and etc. service apartment has become the choice of stay for businessmen on business trips and for families as well. Service apartments range from studio apartments to 3 BHK apartments and have options for various budgets. Chennai has a wide range and options of service apartments. But in order to have a pleasant and delightful stay, one needs to choose the service apartment after careful evaluation and understanding the facilities and budget plans offered at the place. Team Urban Tree lists out some common aspects that need to be checked out before moving into a service apartment.

Facilities on offer

Source: Trip Advisor

Source: Trip Advisor

Since you will be expecting a stay which is nothing short of perfect, always make note of the facilities on offer before selecting the place. Common but highly essential facilities include swimming pool, full and uninterrupted WIFI access, Air Conditioning, T.V, water heater and etc. It will be highly tedious if you have to set up or pay extra for the facilities. Always choose a service apartment only after careful and patient research about it.

Fully or Partially Furnished

Source: The Apartment Service

Source: The Apartment Service

Understand if the service apartment that you wish to movie into offers a fully furnished or a partially furnished place. Most of the service apartments at Chennai offer fully furnished apartments but this might come at a tad higher price than a partially furnished one. A fully furnished apartment usually includes Air Conditioning units, water heater, kitchen appliances and equipment, couch, chairs and dining set. Even vessels, spoons and forks will be included in a fully furnished apartment. A partially furnished apartment might not encompass some things such as water heater, A.C unit and etc. It is better to movie into a fully furnished apartment even though it translates to a higher rent.


Source: India Times

Source: India Times

Service apartments in Chennai are strewn across various budget options and finding one that suits your needs is not a big task. Budget service apartments will come only as partially furnished and to avail a fully furnished apartment one needs to travel higher up the budget ladder. Most of the service apartments in Chennai charge their customers in two ways- Monthly or Daily. Understand your budget and know how long you will be staying at the place. Renting the place on a monthly basis will guarantee better savings than on a daily basis.


Souce: Your Story

Souce: Your Story

Many service apartments in Chennai can be classified as aparthotel (apartment-hotel) which signifies that the place has a restaurant as well to satisfy your dining needs. Aparthotels are aplenty in Chennai and it will be quite difficult to find a service apartment without a hotel. But know if you have to pay for the food or if it is included within the rent itself. Every service apartment will abide by their exclusive dining policy and hence cannot be generalized.


Source: La Belle Vie Hotel

Source: La Belle Vie Hotel

Security matters the most especially if you are staying at a new place. Try to find out if the lobby or reception area of the service apartment will be manned by a receptionist or a security guard at all times. Security should never be compromised and if there is no proper security, it makes it easier for anyone to sneak in without much hassle.

Service Apartments are become the preferred choice of stay for many businessmen and families as well. Always read the reviews about a particular service apartment before moving into it. Keeping in mind the five things mentioned above, you can find yourself the perfect service apartment for a perfect stay.

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