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How To Get Additional Benefits While Investing In Properties

Written by Team Urban Tree

Considering that the festive season is a great time to buy the property with the builders offering various benefits that delight their prospective home buyers. At this stage how can you make this benefit you even more? Read on to know more!

1. Be Informed

Before you make the big decision, take your time out for market research. Talk to people who are in the lookout for homes, enquire price per square feet in the area you are planning to invest. Cross check the data gathered with what your builder is offering you as a festival offer. If the difference in price is miniscule, then you can demand for more.

2. Go Prepared

If you have made your mind about buying the property and have made all the checks regarding the builder or developer’s authenticity, then carry your cheque book with you while giving the final visit to the property. Take all the stakeholders with you and issue the down payment cheque as soon as you finalize. You might convince the realtor for a last minute discount.

3. Bargain and Convince

Builders do not offer upfront discounts, but if you can bargain hard and convince the builder, you can save a great deal of money or can get a discount in the form of kind if not cash.

4. Pre-approved Home Loans

If you have pre-approved home loans, you might end up securing your dream property much easily and with the maximum benefits over the loan. The financial institutions offering the pre-approved home loans to you will deliver the maximum set of benefits.

5.  Ask for freebies

Real estate developers and builders come up with attractive prices or deals during the festive season. Once you show interest in buying the property, you can demand freebies in addition to their offers. Build good rapport with the builder and ask for additional benefits. Even if the builder says he can’t do a free modular kitchen he might go on to waiver off registration charges or stamp duty.



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