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How to Prepare Yourself Financially to Buy a House

Written by Team Urban Tree

Having a house of one’s own is every one’s dream. There is nothing that can beat the feeling of seeing the name plate showing off your name proudly on the wall against the gate of the house. Though agreed, that it is a stressful and complicated process. One has to plan appropriately or else it can be a costly mistake if one rushes towards investing in a hurry.

You need to prepare yourself thoroughly mentally and most importantly, financially to fulfill that dream of yours.  You need to take time to understand the entire process so that you do not regret your decision or have a negative experience later. A sound financial planning is a must before you move forward.

You should always get a home where you are financially comfortable. Here are a few tips you can rely on to prepare yourself financially to buy a house:

Spend what you can afford:  One of the key factors to keep in mind while buying a house is to determine how much you can invest in. It is really important for you to maintain a check-list of all the expenses that are bound to occur in the process of buying a home. There is no point going over the board and regretting the same later.

Build your savings: Saving up cash for buying a house is very essential. Make sure you save up enough money for the down payment, at least fifteen to twenty percent of the total value of the house. If the down payment is higher, it gives an assurance to the bank for the mortgage loans and also gives you enough motivation to go ahead with the purchase.

Analyze your budget:  You need to have a thorough check on how much you are spending every month on a regular basis and what you are left with. This helps in determining how much you can allocate for the interest against the mortgage. It is very essential that you stick to a budget and even document each and every little expense.

Maintain a clean credit history:  Some banks do a rigorous credit check which helps them to determine if you are ready to take additional financial responsibilities. Ensure to maintain a balanced, stable and hassle free credit history as this holds the record of how you have managed your past and present accounts.  A clean and balanced credit history helps the lender to get an idea on how you would repay it and this increases your chances to qualify for the loan.

Choose the bank wisely: It is very important that you do your research to understand how mortgage works so you can decide the bank of your choice based on their interest rates for home loans and period of the loan. If the interest rate and the time span of the mortgage loan period are higher, you will have to make lower monthly payments. But it is advisable to agree to a shorter loan, as you can save up the interest you need to pay.

Other expenses:  

You need to calculate how much you can spend on the upfront expenses and the monthly expenses which are involved during buying a house. The upfront expenses comprises of the down payment, the miscellaneous costs which involve for things like minor changes or repairs etc., the closing expenses. The monthly expenses include the monthly payments against the mortgage interest, maintenance etc. You need to be prepared to set aside enough money for future payments which include property taxes, insurances and other miscellaneous expenses which we tend to forget or ignore in the start.    

Well, the bottom line is that if your see yourself buying a house in the near future, you need to plan the purchase in the best possible way you can. Buying a house is one of the huge financial investments you will ever make. Be careful to choose and take your decisions wisely and do not be in a rush as you would not want to get yourself into a situation you cannot handle. Plan ahead and invest smart.

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