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How to select the right AC for your home?

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Written by Team Urban Tree

The summer season has begun and with scorching heat set to increase even more in the upcoming months, it has become even more important that you pick up the right air conditioner for your home. Now that there are energy-efficient air conditioners widely available in the markets, you no longer have to suffer through this painful summer season. If you are looking forward to buying the right AC for your home, this checklist will help you in selecting the perfect AC for your home.

#1. First and fore-most size does matter

The area of your room and the size of the AC matters and it is definitely an important aspect to consider. Your ACs will either be insufficient to cool the entire room or they will make your room feel like the North pole. On an average for a room that is around 175 sq. feet you can go for a 1.5-ton AC. If your room has an area of about 180 to 250 sq. feet it’s better you go for a 2-ton AC.

#2. Efficiency ensures longevity

Due to the increasing mercury levels and the ever-rising electricity tariffs, an energy-efficient model of the air conditioner is a must-buy. When you are purchasing Air conditioners you will come across the star rated energy efficiency ratings (EER). Every AC will have its own efficiency rating. Usually, these ratings range from 1 star to 5 stars.  These ratings have been standardised and given by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Thus, any AC unit with more stars will tend to consume lesser power than the one with a lower star rating.

#3. Go for a split AC or Window AC? Which is better

Of course, this is a common question everyone goes through while purchasing the AC. There are significant advantages and disadvantages to both types. For instance, Window ACs are cheaper and easy to install. But they create a lot of noise while functioning. On the other hand, split ACs are much quieter and provide even air flow throughout the room.

#4. Never choose an AC because of the brand and its features

Air conditioners are in high demand these days and it’s natural that many of you will go for reputed brands with extravagant features. However, sometimes features alone doesn’t matter. When it comes to ACs, the most important parts are also the ones that the brand won’t talk about. This is because it is easy for the brands to sell their products based onthe cool sounding features instead of promising consumers about the build quality etc, which might sound expensive. If you want to ascertain the quality of the AC you are about to purchase, you canask the AC manufacturers what sort of coils and material they use inside their ACs. Copper coils tend to be more expensive but performs better and is highly reliable compared to aluminium coils.

#5. Installation needs vary due to the AC types

Different ACs will have different installation requirements. For example, window ACs are compact and are basically designed to be attached to the windows. Therefore, its installation requirements are minimum. However, a split AC will have a compressor unit outside the house and one indoor to make sure there is a uniform flow of air. So naturally, the installation needs are more for a split AC. Installation must be done from an authorised service centre. 

#6. After sales service is an important aspect to consider

Most people tend to forget the after sales perspective before purchasing the AC. ACs these days are fairly complex and the technology inside them is getting advanced. That means they require more servicing even when they are functioning normally and there is nothing wrong with them. So,make sureyou are going for a brand that has a proven track record of good servicing, specificto your area. If you are not sure about the service quality of an AC company, please don’t hesitate to ask the dealers. If needed you can call up that brand’s customer care centre and make inquiries.

#7. A few tips that could come in handy before you make your purchase:

Extreme weather compatibility

Indian climate is known for its extremities; therefore, I would recommend you purchase an AC which could work efficiently even in extreme conditions. If your room is directly exposed to sunlight, you must purchase an AC with a higher cooling capacity.

Usage level:

If you are using your AC for 8 to 10Hrs a day continuously for 3 to 4 months, it is advisable to buy at least 3-Star AC. If you are extending your AC usage to 5 to 7 months, you should go for a 5-Star rated AC.

Regular maintenance is a must:

Air conditioners in many ways are similar to your cars and other automobiles.They require regular servicing to remain in the best condition. Once you have installed your AC, ensure that you get them serviced quarterly.

Multipurpose ACs exist:

Air conditioners have evolved over the past few years. Currently, they are not just used for cooling, but also can also be used in winters for heating. These multi-purpose Hot & Cold Air Conditioners could save up to 35% more energy than heaters. ACs are the best cooling devices for hot and humid weather and special features are necessary for optimum cooling and maximum comfort during the monsoons. So, search for an AC which has features that can control humidity and give more comfort in Monsoons.

We hope these insights help you in purchasing the right AC for your home. Please follow the tips given below to ensure your AC functions for a longer time.

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