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Learn How Transforming A Bachelor’s House into A Family’s Home Is Easy

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Written by Team Urban Tree

Be it a man or a woman, everyone dreams of having their own place. Being the basic necessity of the word ‘being settled’ most of them buy a house after a few years of working and saving and before getting married. Those few years of bachelorhood after buying a house are some of the best memories one can possess.

But as soon as the responsibilities kick in, things start to get real. Either you get married, or invite your parents to stay over. There’s no doubt that many things you usually did as a bachelor may never be the same again, and there may be a requirement of turning your bachelor house into a family home. It’s not a big brain turner. Here are a few tips on how to transform your bachelor house into a family home

#1. Double the Fun

Bachelor life was great, bachelor life was easy. A small bed, 2 chairs and a wardrobe was enough for you to lead a luxurious life. But now you have a family, and things just got a whole lot complicated. For starters, if you are a couple, you might have to reconsider your bed choice from a single one to a Double bed maybe? And just a single wardrobe, won’t even be enough for your significant other. A few upgrades here and there will be unavoidable.

#2. Shopping Time!

Next, there will be a whole lot of purchasing that you might have to consider. As a single, you may have kept a plate, a spoon, and a bowl and still ate directly from packs to avoid washing them. But this won’t be possible as more the people, more the utensils, and a separate set for the guests that may come along every now and then.

A family home is usually more homely, decorated and clean, so be ready for a whole new set of crockeries, show-pieces, wind chimes, paintings, fancy lamps, pots and so many small things which never comes into a bachelor’s mind.

#3. Colors Matter

A bachelor pad reflects his or her lifestyle through the vibrant colors of the apartment. Gothic black, colorful purple or wallpapers with many kittens on it. That may have gone really well with your personality while loving alone, but a family home needs more balanced colors to really set the tone right.

Colors have a huge psychological impact on homes. So if you are just starting a family, then a sporty, rocky or a wall with many models on it may not be the right environment for a child to grow in. So get the tone right that suits all your new furniture and by having a mutual understanding of things as a couple.

#4. Baby Proofing

Electric guitars, the nail polishes lying around, a week’s worth of clothes as debris and all the small files and papers, these may be just normal day to day items for a bachelor, but they can prove to be hazardous for a child growing up and a nightmare for the parents.

Baby proofing involves a lot of thinking and covering up all the little nooks, corners and edges of the house that the baby can access with its baby walks and crawls. Padding every sharp edge, keeping away all the little things that a baby might pick up and put it in their mouth can avoid a lot of unfortunate accidents.

#5. Take the Necessary Precautions

You don’t live alone anymore and more than your own health and safety, there is a family to take care of. So it’s not an option anymore, it’s a necessity.

Maintain a first aid kit, keep a fire extinguisher at hand and learn to use it, keep all the emergency numbers at speed dial, and be ready for anything that might come your way. After all, prevention is better than cure.

#6. Sacrifices pay off

A bachelor’s routine is totally different from that of a family man. This includes parties, late nights, untimely food, untimely work and a whole lot of things that didn’t have any schedule. To turn your house into a family home, a whole lot of sacrifices are required.

Giving up the regular game nights, the karaoke nights, the late night pizza orders can go a long way in being responsible. Have a schedule for you and your family. Maybe not too stringent, but something that can be worked around. This will help you make a great family home.

Families are great to be with. It is the thing that turns a house into a home, it’s way more than just bricks and mortar. If you think bachelor life is free and better, then you have a surprise awaiting you.

Yes it has more responsibilities, yes it will make you work harder than ever, yes you have to take care of so many people yourself, but the feeling of being wanted and loved, and the contempt feeling of when someone feels safe and comfortable because of you, will all make it worth it in the end. So make the perfect family home for your perfect family.

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